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Islam, Enemy Bred to Kill, Since the Middle Ages

Islam has been a murderous death cult for the last 1400 years and has glorified death for their followers that engage in Jihad. The question that many have asked throughout history, is why are they so murderous? The answer may be staring us all in the face and is disturbing and enlightening all at the same time. Muslims, Arabs other Semitic people (excluding Jews) practice Consanguineous marriages and marry within their own family. The practice of marrying first cousins allows for inbreeding and increased genetic disease, mental illness and increased aggression.

Combine this with the edicts to engage in Jihad and carnage against infidels, non-believers and you have a warrior class of human that is bred to kill and not question the reason, it is simply for the glory of Mohamed and Allah.

The practice of marrying within the family is so widespread that 70% of all marriages in Pakistan are too first cousins, factor in that many are arranged marriages and it is heady cocktail for defective humans. This practice is so prevalent that the following excerpt shows the scope of the problem:

Statistical research on Arabic countries indicates that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algeria are blood-related as are 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (the southern part of Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arabic Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen. According to Dr. Nadia Sakati of King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, 45 percent of married Arab couples are blood-related. The fact that many of these couples are themselves children of blood-related parents increases the risk of negative consequences.

This also has an affect on intelligence and with data from a study of Muslims in India shows they are negatively affected to a significant degree:

There are many studies on the intelligence effects of inbreeding among cousins. One study from Bihar, India, on Muslim children living in suburban areas, shows that while outbred offspring have an average IQ of 95, inbred children have an average IQ of 79, which puts them in category of people with “low intelligence” having special needs in schools, difficulty handling simple job tasks and completing a basic education.

If we use this as a basis for understanding a complex issue, we begin to see how these below average intelligence people can be used to commit all kinds of barbarity by constant reinforcement of Islamic indoctrination as they create the next generation of suicide bombers and Jihadi terrorists and ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Other studies have also investigated the higher incidence of mental disease and how this inbreeding has degraded their mental well-being and state:

Other research concludes that inbred people have a higher risk of developing mental disorders such as depression  and schizophrenia. The practice of consanguineous marriages in Muslim families may thus explain why more than 40 percent of the patients in Denmark’s Sct. Hans Hospital for the criminally insane and 70 percent of the inmates in Danish youth prisons have immigrant backgrounds.

Then we have the stigmatization of mental and physical deformity in these people that shun them as they are not considered socially acceptable causing many to readily accept the prospect of becoming a martyr for Islam to bring them and their family honor and respectability. Al Qeada has used this social stigma to recruit suicide bombers with Downs syndrome:

A study from Kabul, Afghanistan, based on autopsies of the remains of suicide bombers, shows that close to 90 percent were suffering from severe illnesses or deficiencies such as blindness, cancer, missing limbs or leprosy. Many Muslim societies, including that of Afghanistan, have a low social acceptance of handicaps and mental illness. Being physically handicapped or mentally retarded often leads to exclusion. Becoming a martyr may be the only chance of achieving social recognition and honor. Some cases of Down’s syndrome may be another unpleasant effect of inbreeding and al-Qaeda has been known to use people afflicted with it. People with low intelligence may also be more easily convinced that Islam, with its promise of 72 virgins to Muslims who die fighting for their religion, is true.

Until we are prepared to define our enemy, we will not be able to defeat them, it makes no difference that we are not in a shooting war with them at the moment, they are at war with us. If we do not develop a strategy to contain Islam we will lose this battle, they have had 1400 years to create a warrior that has at their core blood lust and wishes the destruction of all other peoples.

Islam is not a religion of “Peace and Love” it is a theocratic political machine governed by Sharia law with a warrior death cult and ethos, that believes in death versus life that our culture champions.

From a humanitarian perspective, how can we civilize these people that are so culturally indoctrinated to practices that sustain this blood lust. They could become less violent in a matter of a few generations if they would abandon the practice of consanguineous marriage and improve their intelligence quotient which is sadly low. So much so that out of the worlds 1.5 billion Muslims only 14 have been awarded a Nobel Prize, if we compare this to Jews, another Semitic people they won 143 medals, with a population of 14 million. The Jewish people have won 1000% more Nobel Prizes, with only 1/100 the population of Muslims. Muslims have the genetic material to be as intelligent as Jews, however the genetic consequences of their customs and theocratic practices preclude a happy, healthy and productive intelligent life, when compared to other more open societies and people.

Given all this, what is best course of action with Islam, that is beyond this discussion, though, until they, themselves are willing to take responsibility for their actions the reasonable course of action and humane thing to do is look out for our own self-interests. If open warfare is to come with Islam, it should be an action similar to WWII and be centered on annihilation to reduce this war like race of people and unconditional surrender. From Islam Versus Europe.

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Iran Demands The Surrender of Israel & USA

The conflicting messages continue with Iran this time it is from Maj. Gen. Hossein Dehqan who has also graced our pages last Saturday after wrapping up a meeting with Russia’s Defense Minister where the two discussed regional issues and defense objectives. That meeting ended with an invitation for Russia to continue talks in Tehran. Iran’s Defense Minister is now demanding that America disarm we do not want to construe their meaning so we will quote the article:

“We urge our country’s nuclear negotiators that in addition to the talks with G5-1, to focus their efforts on full nuclear, chemical and microbial disarmament of the Zionist regime, the biggest threat to the region and world’s security, as well as the disarmament of the United States.”

First we had the nuclear talks breaking up in Geneva with Iran stubbornly refusing to negotiate. Then on their next meeting Iran turned the tables on the talks with increased demands they be allowed to continue their nuclear program and their missile development was not part of the agreement, these talks broke-up in recriminations amongst the negotiators.

Iran continues to make serial demands, first with Rouhani which demanded that the USA pay Iran reparations for the laughable demand of:

“hostile policies” that have cost the Iranian people “much loss and damage,”

The we have what amounts to a bribe to continue talking, which was interesting and pointed out in our article found here. His statement proved our contention that they had in fact been practicing taqiya and had no intention of honoring the agreement, it was simply a stalling tactic and Obama took it hook, line and sinker. At least that’s the way it was meant to appear.

Then we have the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei making what appears to be an ultimatum to us and a declaration of war. The rhetoric is certainly heating up and it appears we are on a collision course with destiny. This latest demand that we disarm is to be expected, after all if we were foolish enough to take such a gesture we would be dealt a coup de grace swiftly and might I add justly if we so stupid to accept such a laughable demand. However, we must not overlook that we have Obama, Iran’s stealth weapon in the White House has spewed disinformation over Iran’s intentions over nuclear weapons.

Where Obama has issued statements that were patently false and misleading, why is the question? Here is the remark regarding Iran’s nuclear program:

“Iranian officials are citing President Obama as evidence that their leaders have issued a fatwa, or religious edict, against the use of nuclear weapons.”

What we are left with is that Obama has given Iran the same quantity of time that Benjamin Netanyahu had warned about when he spoke at the U.N. which Obama and world scoffed at. His predictions have come true and the latest bombast from Iran is that open warfare will begin soon. They have achieved their objective of their nuclear program with the willing assistance of our feckless tyrant which gave the money time and resources to become a nuclear power. For a full view of this anthology, these are the articles in serial form:

Iran Uses the Sharia Doctrine of Taqiya

Iran Unveils New Cruise Missile

Russian-Iran Trade Deal Sends Weapons & Nuclear Materials to Iran

Obama Spews Disinformation for Iran

Iran, China Form Axis Against Israel

Iran Proving to be Deceptive In Nuke Talks

Iran Ballistic Missiles Not Part of Nuke Talks

Iran Threatens Navy with Suicide Attacks

Hagel to Israel, Iran Will Not Get Nukes

Iran Did Not Disappoint Patriots & Tyrants

Iran to Obama Pay us Reparations, will He?

Iran Has The Bomb and Will Kill America

After reading each of these articles in order a frightening picture develops, one that show that Iran has achieved their objective and become a nuclear power. What is so damaging is that we had the chance to destroy this regime bent on the destruction of the ‘big and little Satan which is us and Israel, in 2009. Instead Obama chose to let the Green movement be annihilated, choosing instead to set the Sunni world on fire in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. This alone point’s to the fact that we have a traitor in the White House, with his actions at Benghazi chief amongst them. In his quest for a nuclear Iran, he armed Al Qeada our sworn enemy and in so doing gave, aid and comfort to our enemies, this alone is treason, the actions with Iran are simply criminal, cold and calculating when you factor in all the other actions that are destroying our nation, economically, militarily, socially, and spiritually.

He is turning this government and nation against the people and unleashed a fifth column of saboteurs loose onto our streets to induce terror and destruction in furtherance of his masters in Iran, Russia and Islam. This Son of Islam has unleashed parallel actions against this nation and people all to bring about our downfall.

We must rise to face this challenge and bring this harbinger and tyrant of our destruction to answer for his tyrannical actions against the nation. We must impeach, prosecute and punish this traitor amongst us. For if we fail in this we will be destroyed and living our last few hours in the misery of darkness, the likes of which we have never known, brought to our knees and downfall by a traitor and Son of Islam. From an original story on WND.

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Hilary, Obama & Susan Rice all Lied

The truth is now starting to come like a tidal wave from the Benghazi attack, we now have conformation from an assistant to former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton by the next morning it was classified as a terrorist attack. An e-mail from Beth Jones Assistant Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton has contradicted the official story of the laughable and amateurish Muslim Video demonstration.

She had also identified the attackers as the terrorist group Ansar al Sharia, and not some idle Muslims out for a stroll on 9/11 that spontaneously decided to attack our consulate over the silly video. Which at the time of the attack had only less than fifty views and another source put it at only thirty. This became the basis for the attack on our Consulate from the recommendation by Ben Rhodes and the murders of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone S. Woods by outraged Muslims. What is so egregious about this explanation is that this justified the deaths of these men in the minds of Hilary Clinton and Obama.

What world do these miscreants live in and how is it that they can accept this carnage, would we accept this type of slaughter out of any other so-called religion on the planet? Do Christians rampage and slaughter innocent lives when our Lord and Savior’s name is taken in vein? Do Hindus or Buddhists kill, riot or strap explosives vests to their bodies and walk into a crowded marketplace and indiscriminately kill innocent victims, no they do not.

Only Islam kills, and this regime is okay with the status-quo of Islam as a vicious cult of death as they act as apologist for them. Why else would they act so passively about this, was it to push the false meme that Al Qeada had been eradicated as it was after all election season in Washington and Obama was more than willing to sacrifice these poor souls for his own ambitions. What about Hilary who had denied the requests for increased security personnel by Ambassador Stevens and others not more several weeks before the attack. Is she to be excused for malfeasance and criminal negligence by leaving these poor men to their fate and sacrificed for her future sweet dreams of the Oval Office in 2016?

Then the arrest and conviction on trumped-up charges against the producer of the video Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an innocent man sacrificed along with the other four from Benghazi to insure the political aspiration of these two tyrants Obama and Hilary . As they excuse the violence and punish an innocent man. This is clearly the tactics of a third world tin pot dictator and not the United States of America and anyone that defends these two and their craven acts are just apologists for the carnage and slaughter that is Islam.

We must impeach Obama and have him stand trial along with Hilary for this conspiracy of silence and murder, for they are as equally guilty as the perpetrators of these heinous murders. From an original story on Breitbart.

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Obama Ignores Illegal Immigration Costs To Nation & Society

Once again we have Obama pandering to another electorate to push a faulty agenda for the National Socialist cause of unbridled societal anarchy. The latest milieu from this tyrant is his insistence that illegal aliens are not a danger to society with a stunningly ignorant remark:

“That’s just not a good use of our resources. It’s not smart. It doesn’t make sense,”

What doesn’t make sense is continuous agitation, are we just to allow anyone that want to settle in our nation just walk in the front or back door sit down and make themselves at home living in the shadows, not paying taxes and not acting as a citizen to better the nation and not just themselves. Why is it that Obama applauds people that are so selfish in this way though expect citizens to pay their taxes, act lawfully and their duty when called. Will people who have broken the law make better citizens than the ones he spits on daily with his ridicule against conservatives.

Let’s tackle the major argument Obama makes:

“makes it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs,”

What is making it hard for law enforcement to do  their job is that he is turning out violent criminals onto our streets with his catch and release immigration policies where he has released over 36,000 violent criminals onto our streets. Then we have his initiative through the DOJ to change sentencing laws for people of color and minorities who have in his words disproportionately broken our laws. They are not victims of discrimination and been sentenced for being black or minorities, they are lawbreakers and do so in disproportionate amounts for their race compared to whites. Your own FBI crime statistics proves this. This nation is not racist, we live by the rule of law, your vision is to live by the rule of man where there are so many caveats to enforcement of law that anarchy prevails.

If we examine this with a thought experiment, we will see that Obama’s vision is racists and racist to its core, if we had the same exact circumstances of disproportionate crime and illegal immigration being committed by whites, would he support the changes he has implemented or will implement. Of course he wouldn’t because the entire argument fails, it fails because the reason for all the disproportionate treatment is because of whites in the first place and their perpetual discrimination even after slavery was abolished.

They would be given a just punishment for their crimes and based not on the current crime which is the basis for the balancing the cosmic scales of past injustice that happened well over 150 years ago and the white mans conquest of the new world. In the end then all this is nothing more than political posturing and gaming our system for political advantage for votes this November by the politics of racial division and class warfare. This is the National Socialist style of governing which is only electorate pandering and governance is non existent. We must impeach and prosecute this tyrant to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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A Society Conditioned to be Devoid of Values

We are experiencing the fruition of progressive beliefs and policies started in the 1960’s with the creation of the welfare state. It has permeated through all institutions in our nation. Liberals will not acknowledge the bitter fruit; they wrought with permissive policies of pushing personal responsibility onto government, which created the welfare underclass.”  Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one of the original architects for the society destroying policies and frankly its foremost expert on this matter named this segment of our society in his Counsel of Despair article of 1996.   

When we have second and third generation recipients’ proof that these policies of “it’s for the children” is an abysmal failure. Giving away personal responsibility for meager sustenance at the hands of a benevolent state only creates more of what you have attempted to abolish and that is poverty.

We are now reaping the other side of the coin in their society destructive meme with the total disregard for others being prevalent amongst our citizens as a society conditioned to turn their back on their fellow man since charity, institutionalized by the State by Democrats and their liberal progressive advocates is for their own purpose.

As they create, hegemony of a voting pool of low information voters conditioned to free government handouts from Washington. Our local communities are best able to identify and help their neighbors much better than some government employee several thousand miles away in Washington.

So why have they created such a system if not to fundamentally change our society and nation from the inside?

These are the consequences of fifty plus years of society and soul destroying rot since it is now the responsibility of the state to care for its citizens, and not the citizens’ responsibility to care for themselves.

Democrats and progressive have deliberately thrown away the traditional concept of sovereign citizens able to care for themselves and their families making them wards of the state and the political machines setup to run them…

 Judeo-Christian, values have been assaulted at every turn, which has a consequence to a society such as ours that was built on these values. Therefore, in the vacuum created by this shift towards depravity has filled the void by this massive sea change.To the point of an all out assault, on our societies founding principles as the end game for our nation’s soul.

In its place, Obama asserts that to bring peace to this rising cacophony and violence left in wake of removing these values, mores and beliefs he must change it to include only his views, while progressives, the media and his administration are using the Sandy Hook tragedy to subdue the last remaining believers in our founding principles and values, so he must disarm the nation for our own welfare.

With the declaration that Obama intends to act against our natural rights and our 2nd Amendment rights at the same time through Executive Order(s) with his “pen and phone” strategy. Circumventing Congress knowing, he cannot get any desired legislation on this issue, so he will resort to false edicts, proclamations and illegal executive orders.

All these actions were developed sometime ago, and have been waiting for the right opportunity liberals, progressives, socialists and Nazi’s are certainly devious, cunning and patient and will use any and all excuses to push their freedom and society destroying agenda at every opportunity.

However, recommendations, executive orders are done to curtail our Constitutional right to bear arms is done at the speed of light, curious, and a natural extension of a president that would deny us our natural rights and gave us Fast & Furious with hundreds of dead Mexican nationals by shamelessly arming drug cartels.

Obama’s actions against our natural rights and his intention of disarming the citizens by proclamations and edicts speak louder than words.

The question remains are the citizens listening…if they are we must see to it that Obama is impeached and our government placed onto a path of sustained freedom and liberty as soon as possible.

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Time to Repeal the 16th Amendment

Citizens need to work towards repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution from an out of control federal government, this amendment created the Income Tax, one hundred years ago in 1913. Repealing this amendment would place the entire question of our runaway federal government into the hands of the several States where this issue belongs in the first place. This is possibly the only way, we can rein in the ruinous spending, citizen abuse and onerous taxes from an out of control federal government, Congress has created the problem expecting them to fix it is sheer lunacy.

That is spending the nation into bankruptcy from recalcitrant policies of continual tax, borrow and spend.

Another impetus for this action is the IRS scandal that was conveniently covered-up during last election by Obama, the Treasury department, IRS Commissioner and the Inspector General by failing to inform Congress during congressional hearing’s…all to ensure Obama was reelected. This scandal has become the catalyst for sincere debate for the future of our nation based on our founding principles grounded on the foundation of our Constitution, a win-win proposition.

Repealing this onerous amendment has the bonus that the President has no say whatsoever in the matter; it is beyond his purview constitutionally it is a matter among the people and their state governments. Congress can submit a proposed amendment to the states, though the people can act alone in this matter if they choose to.

After all we are a confederation and compact of sovereign States that have formed a union having the federal governments taxing power brought into focus and placed as a constitutional amendment once again before the “People’ would short-circuit the power of the federal government and immediately bring them to heel.

The Constitution can be amended by Constitutional Conventions to implement this repeal like the repeal of the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) with the 21st Amendment, which was done by conventions in the several States.

The States have acted before with a precedent for a constitutional amendment, when FDR died in office the 22nd Amendment was brought forward and ratified in a relatively short time (in only four of the required seven year life span for the proposed amendment’s ratification).

Since the States thought, better of such long terms in office by a forceful president and the abuses heaped on the nation by FDR. Roosevelt’s Supreme Court packing scheme was chief amongst these, with much the same type of machinations as we are experiencing with Obama. He was famous for his abuse of power through the IRS and speaks to the coercion that president’s have abused through the abomination of the Income Tax with the IRS as their henchmen against the nations citizens, as their political enemies.

Congress must also pass a balanced budget requirement as well, and eliminate borrowing. It must also commit to the destruction of the Federal Reserve as a central bank to return this nation to constitutionally gold-based currency. We must take these steps to restore solvency and take our monetary system and economy away from this government instrumentality, known as the FED that continuously refuses repeated, audits by Congress, which places their actions beyond the ability of the people to control.

The latest monumental legislative overreach Obamacare, foisted on the nation from a Democrat controlled Congress without one Republican vote. The Supreme Court contorted law, logic and reason to approve this legislative nightmare, forcing all citizens to engage in commerce of the Democrats choosing.  The legislation screams from the rooftops that our system is broken and in need of repair if we are to keep our Constitutional Republic.

Having the IRS carryout this national disgrace disguised as healthcare would mean wholesale abuse of citizens on a scale that we have never seen before, and would create anarchy in short order, and is probably why Homeland Security is beefing up their offensive capabilities.

These steps must be taken if we are to return to fiscal responsibility and break the hold of identity politics that have gripped this nation since the 1930’s, first with Roosevelt and radically expanded during the Johnson administration with the creation of the Welfare State and the entitlement mentality, to today’s abuses in the age of Obama.

With the repeal of the 16th amendment, our entire federal bureaucracy and Washington’s overreach is immediately eliminated and governmental power would revert to the States and the People. It would also have the added benefit of breaking the disgraceful hold of the Left and the Democrats propensity for creating divisive electorate groups out of thin air based on anger, envy, sex, income, race, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and eliminate the class warfare that they set against the nation and its unsuspecting people.

Ultimately, it would destroy their ability to re-distribute the nations treasure and our citizen’s personal incomes, wages and labors as they see, fit regardless of the destructive consequences they create and has become evident by the moribund economy and loss of economic opportunity.

After all our current troubles are because of the Democrats efforts to create the current entitlement culture and economy, much less expand it, even after its toxic effects have become evident. The elimination of the 16th Amendment would simply obliterate the Left and their destructive politics based on other people’s incomes and their abhorrent identity politics on which the Democrats continuously pander.

The Democrats and their leftist supporters would show the ugly face behind the mask and reveal how subversive they really are to the American people. They would object to the proposed Amendment(s) and their power base of unions, so-called poor, minorities, government workers, teachers etc., would come out in full force in massive protests.

It would pull the rug out from under them and lead to the current destruction of their hegemony for all time…

I say good riddance…

On the other hand, if we continue to go down the rabbit hole of Socialism we will lose our designation as a “Free and Able People.” This is what is at stake if we do not turn away from this course.

The 17th Amendment must be repealed along with the 16th to replace the balance of power between the Federal Government and States interests as the Constitution originally intended!

Our Republic stands on the brink, while Washington acts against the interests of the people, and it is only through the people that our system of government will be saved…

Will we fail to act, or act to restore the Republic, the choice is ours and ours alone to make.

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The Devil is in the Details

Attended a Tea Party meeting last night and the guest speaker was a candidate for county commissioner, his presentation was indistinguishable from every leftist fear mongering viewpoint we have ever heard, this is the state of politics in this nation. It was a hit job on a Convention of the States initiative to amend the Constitution.  What rankled me was that intermittently during his presentation he would make a snide remark and look in my direction, he knew I held a differing opinion and tried to discredit me before the fact of  my rebuttal, about what he thought I would present, I was condemned before ever speaking.

Where have we heard that technique before?

I objected and declared that I would speak for myself, I had to make this objection three times before he got the message. During his 30 minute slide show his chief boogeyman, George Soros and is only one man, and a Nazi collaborator from WWII as well. He supposedly trumps the will of the people of this entire nation, it was disgraceful. On being granted the time to address the audience I simply discussed how it was that we have arrived at this juncture and pinpointed where our nation veered left in 1913 with the 16th amendment which has given Washington the power to buy consensus with our own money by spending about 3.5 Trillion yearly on corporate and individual welfare. These funds are about 60% of the entire yearly federal budget, the rest we borrow. Which is actually used to pay all the things the government is supposed to do per the Constitution, like defense, patent office, post office etc…

Then discussed the 17th amendment in which the States simply gave up their check on federal power by being able to appoint, recall and direct Senators in the performance of their duties by the States legislature. In essence turning the Senate into another House of Representatives with six year terms. The major stumbling block for everyone was that they could not see any way possible to identify amendments that needed to be made to the Constitution and it would devolve into a runaway convention with the worst possible outcome.

This was a direct result of the fear mongering.

A vote was taken with a predictable outcome, the people had been frightened by the presentation, they voted down, the idea of a constitutional convention. I then asked, do we need to repeal the 16th & 17th amendment, all but about a few voted yes. So much for the myth of not being able to identify which amendments to propose. What struck me later was that for all the fear that this gentlemen generated, could not counter the logic and reason and calm presentation of the facts. It was agreed that the Constitution must be amended the actual means to do so was not decided, but amended it must be. When we are reminded that we are free citizens and able to direct our own outcome in life, as free citizens we bend our knee to no Monarch real or imagined. The people will respond, with one voice, we must simply be reminded of who we are and that the blood of revolutionaries runs through our veins and we will find the stamina and gumption to relight the lamp of liberty that is being smothered once again.

Every politician that was running for office that was there, pledged to work for the repeal of these abysmal amendments, call me cynical, I will believe it when I see it. However, the candidate for commissioner came up to me afterward and thanked me and said we must amend the Constitution. There is hope for this man and nation.

In Liberty

Voice of Reason, an Appeal for the Rule of Law

Our nation is at a crossroads brought to this point by one hundred years of society rotting influence of the liberal progressive thought, deed and action through amendments to the Constitution by two main initiatives. Both have caused the federal government to grow exponentially. The first initiative was to provide the funding needed to change our nation from a laissez-faire market driven capitalist economic system to the centrally planned over regulated economy we see today.

The other was to restrict the States ability to oversee, direct and control federal legislation as an ongoing check on federal power. None of this would matter if we had men and women of honor and character serving in Washington, however the old adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely” add money and influence and we have a heady cocktail for mischief and corruption. Which is why the Constitution originally forbade taxation by capitation and why the 16th Amendment needed to be ratified to approve the income tax.

With States unable to control their Senators to appoint, recall and direct their voting in the Senate they abandoned their ability to be an ongoing check on federal powers with the 17th amendment, hence the explosive growth of the federal government to its current size and its bloated structure we see today.

Washington In PrayerWe have come to the point that our founders feared and knew would come that our citizens would be intoxicated with the easy life of largesse, that day has come. It is paid to corporations, individuals, States and municipalities to the point that it is almost 60% of the federal budget, with much of it borrowed. This is how the federal government pushes these freedom-destroying initiatives onto our citizens, for road projects, women’s shelters, education and all too many other avenues where they simply have no business being involved.

We are so far down the road that an awakening is occurring in our nation and we have realized that our federal government now threatens our freedom, liberty and economic choices we were once free to make for ourselves. With Obamacare and the Dodd/Frank financial reforms our entire economy is now under the direct control of Washington.

Then when we have a president that believes the he alone can rule this nation and foist his agenda upon our citizens by the stroke of his pen, we have arrived at the suspension of the rule of law. Congress is powerless to stop the abuse, as a matter fact they have been complicit. Republican and Democrat alike, as they approved the funding and have only given lax oversight to all this nation & liberty destroying agenda. Both parties and the Obama government is doing everything possible to destroy the only viable voice standing up against this tyranny, the Tea Party. Which is the only organic movement to bring Constitutional government back to Washington in the last sixty years, possibly one hundred.

This movement is growing daily as our citizens realize that the Emperor has no clothes and he is changing the nation for the worse, he is not alone in this venture, so many others have applauded and pushed this agenda for him as well. It is now at the point that on May 16, 2014 retired Colonel Harry Riley has called for an American Spring, I can certainly appreciate the frustration that everyone feels. However, I am dismayed that my fellow patriots and citizens would be willing to march into the tyrants jaws so willingly before we exercise the Constitutions ultimate power, the right to amend the Constitution under Article V. Even if this rebellious action were to succeed the corrupt system, would be left intact for another generation of citizen legislators to be corrupted, the cycle would only continue.

Visions of the last rebellion that tried to force change on Washington was when General Douglas MacArthur illegally suppressed the Bonus Army of 1932 at the command of President Hoover in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Would Obama act any different?

Personally, I cannot support such a misadventure as a life long advocate of the rule of law. If we do not exhaust every peaceful means to place our federal government back into the confines of the Constitution once again we will have sullied the memories of all that have fought and died for this great nation. If we fail at amending the Constitution then we will have failed as a nation and people that embraced the rule of law over the rule of man. Currently we are assaulted with onerous taxes, edicts and oppression, is this enough to justify revolution? If there is to be, mass protests and even violence let it come as a just and righteous Casus Belli as was our War of Independence, forced upon us and not in anger.valley forge Our founders had suffered a long train of abuses, locked out of their own houses of legislation by King George III; let our tyrants in Washington do this and deny our right to amend the Constitution before we the people take that last drastic step.

That must only be endured until freedom is once again reclaimed and that last shot is fired in anger, or suppressed into oblivion.

We must use the power that our founders gave us to embrace the rule of law against any that wish to deny us our heritage as a free and able people. We must put our shoulder to the wheel and push as one people once again instead of the divided rabble we have become by petty politicians that use our own taxes against us and set one group of citizens against another. With the politics of class warfare and racial division. Let us rededicate ourselves to our posterity and our children’s future and amend the Constitution by amending conventions of the States. before we even think about giving these tyrants our lives, which would only be a willing sacrifice to their treachery.

Leaders will come forward to lead us. Likely from the ranks of the General Staff cashiered by Obama, with veterans and other patriots when that time, God help us is ever needed. I implore anyone that is tempted to travel to Washington on May 16 to reapply your efforts and reaffirm the rule of law instead of the tyrant’s rule of man.

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Obama’s Legacy In Libya

Muammar Gaddafi had become weary of fighting the international community and intermittent bombings that claimed the life of his children and compatriots so he voluntarily gave up his nuclear and weapons of mass destruction in 2003.  He continued to make a lot of noise about the western powers, though he kept the various factions in his country from outright anarchy and exporting terrorism around the globe.

The pattern that Obama has forged in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt is deposing one secular leader after another and driving them into the arms of Iran and Russia. His curious alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and the parent of our supposed sworn enemy aL Qaeda further prove this. Everywhere Obama & Hilary Clinton have touched with their disastrous foreign policies failed States have flourished.

Egypt has gone as far as filed charges in the World Court of ‘Crimes against Humanity’ against Obama for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the atrocities they committed against the Egyptian people. Libya has since become a haven for terrorists and criminals that wish to seek their fortune in the anonymity of a failed nation, where anything and everything is available for a price without any annoying law enforcement, there is not any. The government has to hire militia units to patrol and provide security services for government buildings, hospitals and the airports in the country.

It is so bad that a Russian aircraft carrying weapons that was transiting through Libya was stripped of its arms right on the runway shortly after landing. The picture above is one of the arms markets in Tripoli where any weapon is available for a price from small arms to heavy weapons and shoulder fired surface to air missile (SAM) as well. If I were to speculate, each failed action by Obama may not be a failed action at all, as no one is this incompetent.

If each action is viewed with another motive the pieces fall into place, let us connect the dots. It starts with the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009, Obama took a hands off approach when a regime change could have occurred in Iran, curious that he had an opportunity to end their nuclear program decisively and completely, he let this movement die in its crib. Then he and Hilary Clinton championed the Arab Spring, or the illusion of Democracy in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law, which caused the people of Egypt to overthrow them, the upshot is that Egypt has now turned to Putin and Russian arms, Libya is a failed State and Saudi Arabia does not trust Obama.

If you wanted to cause strife, war, chaos & pestilence Obama has made a good start so far but he is far from finished. His next foray was Syria with the infamous “Red Line” which brought us to the brink of War with Russia and Iran their ally in the region, Putin swooped in and brokered a deal at the supposed last minute.

No one can be this incompetent, if we were to now suppose that each of these actions were done to increase the influence of Iran and Russia and weaken the influence of the Sunni Islam majority in the Middle East and the western powers things become much clearer. We know that Obama has had the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House, which is incredible to even contemplate such an act, however this has happened and the red carpet has been laid out for Islam in our government under Obama.

To sum up Obama is not only a usurper who refuses to document and prove his murky past he may also be a foreign agent working for both Iran and Russia, the pieces fit, they appear undeniable when viewed thorough this perspective. The oppression he has heaped on our citizens is incredible and unceasing; with all the abuse of power used by this petty tyrant, who has his finger on the nuclear trigger, may well destroy us all.

Therefore, now that we have been lead to this conjecture, Obama’s open mic statement when he thought no one could hear to Medvedev the Russian President “tell Vladimir I will be more flexible after the election” is a lot clearer in intention.

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Thus Always to Tyrants


Sic Semper Tyrannis, Latin for “thus always to tyrants“; is the rallying cry against tyranny dating back to the Roman Empire with the utterance of this phrase by Marcus Junius Brutus upon the demise of Julius Caesar.  This simple phrase has been used by countless European nations to gain independence from their oppressive monarchs, as well as others down through the ages since first spoken two thousand years ago.  To give an American context to this phrase John Wilkes Booth immortalized it as he leapt to the stage from the Presidential Box after mortally wounding Abraham Lincoln at Fords Theater 147 years ago. 

Throughout history, man has always sought self-determination as a God given or Natural Right as they struggled against the rule of man through Kings.  This nation was founded upon the principle that man given the ability, the will, and means to do so could flourish under the rule of law.  Moreover, flourish we have, the amount of economic growth and wonders this nation has seen in its short existence of only 237 years is astounding, not rivaled in history. 

Many wonder at how this came about that we have stood in the belief of personal freedom to champion the individual, the cornerstone of our Republic above all else.  We have accomplished this by creating a unique identify that embraces all, while giving none dominion over others.  Our history is not blemish free, with the stain of slavery and oppression of the Indian Nations on our national honor.  We have endured; being true to our founding principles by righting theses injustices with the blood of our ancestors shed in battle as only these sins can be paid.

We have endured all that time and the ravages of condemnation have thrown against us to the pinnacle of freedom and liberty we now stand before.

One seminal danger that the Founders sought to address was that our President would never have divided loyalties with the simple requirement that our president be a natural born citizen as enumerated in Article II Sec. 1 of our Constitution.  These men were wise beyond their ability to foresee the future, though keen to realize the frailty of mere men to govern themselves. 

What does it mean to be a “natural born citizen” for the president?  The historical context means, that one has certain duties bound to themselves and their nation to act in the best interest of all its citizens as they mark their service to the nation while shunning any allegiance to another.  Recognizing that there is a distinction from an ordinary citizen or these wise men would not have placed this requirement amongst the pages of our Constitution. 

The concept of “natural born citizen,” challenged in a manner that our founders never dreamed would happen; that a man would rise to the office of president that would tear down the very fabric and framework of our Nation.

Our founders believed in the possibility that day would come to challenge this principle making Obamathis a national security issue so they placed this frail, meager and humble requirement into the framework of our Government. We are now facing that day with deliberate ruin of our nations economy by reckless spending of the nation’s wealth requires more in every Obama budget, year over year.  Signs of our decline are practically the same as Brutus eloquently spoke and shown by the following:

Authorizing the borrowing of revenues against the future, though spending it in the present is dangerous and foolhardy, though practiced without any restriction of sound fiscal management.

Division of our nation by a president that is using wealth, race, gender, creed, class distinction and political ideology to create doubt and fear in the nation’s citizens while advocating another vision for our nation, solely of his creation. 

Shrouding of the president’s identity of his past, credentials and bona-fides by not allowing scrutiny of his documents by this nation citizens, he alone creates the narrative that he wishes seen, and only that narrative many shameless judges and courts have been willing to assist in this endeavor. 

The president declaring to a sovereign State Court after being served valid order(s) from this court are not applicable to him, as he seeks reelection within the State of Georgia and that he is above the rule of law.

Creating a tax system that yokes only 51% of the nation’s citizens to pay federal income taxes while the rest either pay no federal taxes, or receive more than they paid in benefits.

Usurping the powers of the other two separate but equal branches of our government by redefinition of laws and using regulatory powers to thwart their legislative and judicial branch purview(s) into his office.  Using signing statements and executive orders rather than veto power granted to him by the Constitution to subvert legislation by his own hand. 

Deliberately defying and usurping the authority of congressional oversight by making unconstitutional appointments of secretaries and commissioners to agencies of the federal government while they are in session. 

Appointment of Czars which have overlapping authority to cabinet level positions that lack any congressional approval or oversight making their actions absolute without recourse against them by Congress or the People.

By passing final and absolute judgment upon the nation’s citizens without their 5th Amendment rights to due process of law, and denying them the ability to face their accusers in open court, by summarily executing these citizens in defiance of the Constitution with the use of secret panels.

Granting of Constitutional and Miranda rights to this nation’s sworn enemy when captured on foreign battlefields, the Geneva Convention designates these belligerents as illegal combatants and are not accorded any rights under this Treaty.  However, they are given these rights over our citizens by the granting of due process of law, while denying the same to our citizens.

Designation of the entire nation as a battle zone with authorization to use military assets in a law enforcement role sweeping aside the exclusive police powers granted to the several States by the Constitution.  This designation has the authority to arrest citizens by military forces and subject them to indefinite confinement without trial or charges; abolishing Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus, as long standing Constitutional guarantees to our nation’s citizens from abuse of process.

Callous, wanton and reckless spending of the nations treasure to sycophants that fawn upon this president to fill his election coffers with campaign contributions; in deference to his duty to safeguard the treasury to the benefit of all its citizens versus dispensation to the select few that curry his momentary favor.

Allowing corrupt law enforcement policies and practices that caused the death and destruction of hundreds if not thousands of a neighboring nation’s citizens without their knowledge or consent, with illegal arms sent across their border as a guise, impetus and artifice to curtail our Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

Electing a president with divided loyalties only hastens these events and the weakening of our nation, what is true for Rome the first republic is true today for us as it was for them.  The wisdom of the founders can only be embraced while we are forced to endure these inequities and injustice as a debasement of our freedom and heritage.  Thus always to tyrants that these things have happened as stated by Brutus in “Sic Semper Tyrannis“, one has to wonder could these very acts be said of Caesar?  

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