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Cult of Personality, If Only the Führer Knew

Alan P. Halbert
March 19, 2014

After living through the last five Obama years and seeing the parallels to the 1930’s and 40’s economically, politically and now militarily we can draw some direct conclusions about the mania that gripped Germany and her people during these tragic years. Growing up in the early 1960’s we were taught that the hysteria and cult of personality that the Germans Hitler_carembraced with Hitler could never happen here as we were an open society that embraced the individual and championed success by our own efforts and literally by the sweat of our brow.

We were taught that America is a land of equal opportunity, open to all, and all you needed to do was take the bull by the horns, work hard and persevere to be successful.

That was then, today we have a society that is a much darker place, with the constant droning of class warfare and polarization from the left and Obama in particular is so different from the uplifting lessons I was taught in grade school, then later in Junior High and High School. We learned about men like, Fulton, Samuel Morse, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and so many others, men and women that blazed new trails and reached new heights in technology, medicine and science, which a young nation could adopt, use and prosper by embracing.

It simply gave us the world’s highest standard of living, and an economy, second to none.

That all started to change in the late 1960’s when the Vietnam War started by JFK and expanded under Johnson, along came the constant protests and outright hostility towards young men who faithfully answered their governments call, drafted into service to fight overseas. Colleges became a hotbed of subversion and riots culminating in the shootings at Kent State by the National Guard, a dark day in our history to be sure. However, out of that came a cancer that slowly metastasized by constant infection of our young and impressionable minds on college and university campuses across the nation.

Indoctrination of the young was the favored method to spread this democracy destroying belief, from one mind to Seig_Heilanother to the point that these young men and women of the 60’s are the leaders of today. Whether in the cloister of university lounges, the halls of power in Washington, or the news studios of New York, Los Angeles and most other large cities in America.

The takeover was bloodless and complete.

We now have at last arrived at the place the Germans were in the 1930’s with a people conditioned to obey their masters or political betters, I use these terms because we do not have leaders anymore only one narcissist wonk after another, they are anything but leaders. Here we are 50 years later after throwing out the principles that built our nation, hard work, determination, sheer vision and fortitude for a kinder, gentler entitlement society that has banned words, thoughts and deeds as hateful and success as scornful. We now have a usurper in the White House who is given a pass on every reasonable measure of accomplishment since Obama is of such a historical stature that the aforementioned words, deeds and actions do not apply to this president, at all.

I cannot help but think that the premature award of a Nobel Peace Prize foreshadowed this presidency as being hollow, ideologically driven and devoid of any meaningful accomplishment other than destroying all that came before and like Hitler has left him immune to criticism. What is stranger still is the steadfast belief of his supporters that refuse to accept any meaningful measure of success when faced with never ending failures and are willing to believe the thinnest of lies that deflect responsibility to others for the failure of his economic, domestic or foreign policies.

Obama NaziClearly, this then becomes a cult of personality and like Hitler, when their nation was plunged into war and the Gestapo ran roughshod over the German people as they tried to keep the Holocaust and Slave labor camps secret, and all the other depravities they whispered among themselves, “If only the Führer knew.” These people were not much different from our nation’s people, and the hard core Nazi of their day is not much different from the rabid leftist progressive of today, that finds fault with everyone except Obama for his failed agenda,. The abuse of power though is applauded and even sanctioned by the fellow travelers of his political party, how is this different than the state sanctioned terror and abuse heaped on the Jews? If Obama had his way necks would stretch, which is what all the abuse of power is all about, destroying your enemies.  The only difference between then and now is that the world has not been plunged into a world war, quite yet, however there is still time to change course.

Please get involved with the Convention of States project or any other organization that is working towards amending the Constitution in your area, to place this nation back once again into the constitutional box where it belongs instead of the bloated monster it has become.

To end this abysmal cult of personality, before it is too late.

In Liberty

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Wickard v. Filburn, Foundation for Oppression

The Supreme Court in 1942 ruled the economic interest of the individual could be subjugated by restricting their use of personal property by an Act of Congress.

Wickard v. Filburn was decided on the basis that Roscoe Filburn had planted approximately 12 more acres of wheat than the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 allowed.  He was levied a penalty of $.49 for every bushel over the limit, and fined $117.11 for 239 bushels of excess wheat he produced.

 This Act of Congress sought to inflate the cost of wheat from approximately $.40 a bushel to $1.16 by limiting production. This was just one of 15 legislative initiatives that Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to intervene in the Nations economy during the Great Depression with his “New Deal” policies during his first 100 days in office.  The initial passing of this Act in 1933 was found unconstitutional in 1936, after the deficiencies were addressed this Bill passed again in 1938 and was signed into law; an amendment in 1941 raised the penalty to $.49 per bushel. 

Mr. Filburn objected to the penalty levied on him by the Secretary of Agriculture since he would use all of the excess production from his crop for, future planting, feeding poultry and livestock for his own consumption.  Many people thought he was hoarding food, which was unpatriotic since it undermined the Nations war effort?  Many thought Mr. Wickard was persecuting Mr. Filburn for production of food products, which were not controlled by the War Foods Administration.

Several lower courts agreed with Mr. Filburn, and ruled in his favor.  These courts held the legitimate purpose for providing for his own needs, from his own labors, with his own land was proper.  As the quota referred to in the Act required an affirmative vote of farmers by plebiscite before implementation.  The Secretary of Agriculture disagreed and appealed these rulings to the Supreme Court. 

Roosevelt appointed eight of the nine “New Deal” Justices that heard this case, which dismissed the individual’s right of self-determination by a unanimous decision of the Court.  This case was the first instance where Congress could regulate non-commercial or intrastate commerce by an affirmative ruling from the Supreme Court.  This Court claimed that Mr. Filburn by using the fruit of his own labor; no matter how inconsequential kept him from purchasing wheat on the open market, thereby affecting interstate commerce.   The Commerce Clause, Article 1 Sec. 8 of our Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate commerce between the States.

Writing for the Court is Justice Jackson’s opinion:

“Whether or not the activity was intrastate or interstate in character would no longer be a material factor in deciding commerce clause cases” 

Where the Supreme Court erred is in their definition of interstate commerce, which they believed took precedence over the fourth, fifth, tenth and fourteenth Amendments regarding the right of the individual to their personal property.  Our Constitution forbids confiscating or official disposition of personal property without due process of law.  Prior to this case the Supreme Court almost exclusively held the individual’s right(s) supreme; this case reversed this holding by making citizens subservient to the disposition of Congress as collective powers to be exercised. 

We can only hope that these men, caught up in the patriotic fervor of the time as our nation faced an uncertain future after being thrown into WWII by an infamous act of aggression on December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor!  Our victory was no means assured in November of 1942 when they made this grave error against the individual’s right to freedom and liberty.  The stigma of losing his case profoundly affected Mr. Filburn, causing him to petition a court to change his name to Filbrun.  As the travesty of justice, given by his government and sought refuge in anonymity though his legacy continues through the Filburn Foundation.

Coincidentally, the burgeoning of our Federal Government to its current size was a direct consequence of this action by the Supreme Court.

 The legacy of Wickard subjugates citizens to regulation by Congress for practically any matter!  In 2005, the Supreme Court again reinforced this congressional perspective in Gonzales v. Raich in a medical marijuana case from California on where and when Congress could regulate intrastate commerce, as commerce between the States.  Justice Thomas dissenting opinion is prophetic; O‘Connor’s is encouraging since she recognizes the States right to experiment as a laboratory for change.

Liberty is hardly ever lost in a Constitutional Republic in one fell swoop; it usually comes by the incessant plodding of a determined legislature and leader(s) willing to subvert the will of the people slowly through legislation, making change inevitable.  This is accomplished by a process that occurs with gradual steps, though becomes insidious after all the facts are revealed.

The citizens of Germany were not aware of the actions taken by their legislative leaders on March 23, 1933 when they passed the Enabling Act.  Signed into law by President Hindenburg that same day, and delivered the German People into a dictatorship led by Hitler.  In an uncanny twist of fate, Obama Care was signed into law on March 23 as well by President Obama! 

The subversion of the German Republic occurred through a trusting and naïve population, lulled to complacency by the siren song of prosperity and security, to a nation dulled by the realities of economic hardship.  With messaging delivered by a charismatic leader with mesmerizing oratory skill as well, are we experiencing today the same siren song with Obama, and his assault on our Constitutional Republic that the German People experienced?    

The world today is much different than it was in 1942 with unrestricted open warfare on a global scale; requiring different solutions for issues that citizens would reject in times of peace.  The Roberts Court rewarded Obama and his duplicitous supporters and legislators with a similar destruction of our Freedom and Liberty as the Germans in 1933 we are living the nightmare of this travesty of justice playing out from the ghosts of WWII.

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Obama’s Government of Oppression

The founding of our nation occurred in 1789 with the ratification of the Constitution by the several States; everything up to that point was prelude and included a bloody civil and revolutionary war against our compatriots, and King George III, the world’s only superpower of their day.

With the drafting of the Constitution, our founders understood that government was raw power instituted to compel citizens to follow the legislated laws of Congress. This was manifest by three branches, envisioned to be a check and balance on any other branch of our government. As well as a balancing act to check these powers from being abused by any one person or branch to the detriment of all, and most of all to check power devolving to someone that would emulate the trappings of a monarch.

This was so crucial that John Jay who would later become our first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would reduce to pen his concerns in a letter to George Washington that would lay out the argument for the office of President. Filled by none other than a ‘natural born citizen’ this is the only office in our entire federal system that has this requirement.

The words that Mr. Jay chose were so deferential and conveyed the esteem that he held for George Washington with, “permit me to hint” the reverence that he held for our father of this nation leaps from the page and can be felt as well as read, his exact words follow:

Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expresly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.

 This was the government of our founding.

Compare that with what we have today, the abuse of power by Obama and a paralyzed Congress that cowers in the corner and has allowed every trespass on our rights to occur under their watch. Then to add insult to injury this very same august body gives every penny that this tyrant demands, then wastes as he sees fit to our detriment. The wisdom of John Jay’s words and the requirement in our constitution for the office of president were prescient, as they knew that some day one would come forward to challenge this requirement and our system of government.

When our president does not know what in fact our system of government is at the State level we have to wonder where it is he has been his entire life? Telling the assembled governors at the Governors Conference practically two weeks ago “he did not trust them to make decisions about education, transportation, and infrastructure” within their own States must have left them absolutely stunned; these men and women of character who lead their States people. Clearly, this nation has a huge problem and it sits in the White House, with an incompetent ne’er do well that does not even know how many States make up this nation…he is under the impression it is 57 or is it 60?

Much less how we govern ourselves.

The abuse of power from this president is remarkable, as every agency of our federal government is used to oppress our citizens and suppress any other viewpoint other than the president and his party; many of them are having second thoughts and running from him as well. How have we fallen so far and so low as to allow this to happen, that we now have a tyrant that sits and dictates to us in contrast to Abraham Lincoln’s eloquent words of the Gettysburg Address about our nations people, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” I am fond of saying a “free and able people.”

Ever allow such madness to occur!

To correct this course to our destruction we must impeach Obama for his many crimes and abuses of power and amend the Constitution so that these abuses never occur again, passing laws and elections will not fix this issue, as our government is no longer constrained by the Constitution. We must repeal as a minimum the 16th Amendment to defund this bloated federal leviathan that is gorging on the fruits of the peoples labor and end the entitlement mindset that has destroyed this nation’s desire for reaping the fruits of our own labors and a honest days work for an honest wage.

We must restore the vital missing check on ongoing federal powers, by repealing the 17th Amendment, and allow the States to direct, appoint and recall Senators once again and turn the Senate back into a deliberative body instead of an Uber House of Representatives with six-year terms. Can anyone make a cogent argument that Obama would be in the Oval Office if not for the 17th Amendment. Even the scandal and corruption plagued Illinois legislature would have sent a blind Seeing Eye dog to Washington before Obama, as they knew he was Mr. Voting Present and did not have the character and fortitude for national service.

Please get involved with the Convention of States project or any other organization that is working towards amending the Constitution in your area, to place this nation back once again into the constitutional box where it belongs instead of the bloated monster it has become.

In Liberty

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Lois Lerner and the Kabuki Masters in Washington


Is it any wonder that our republic has come to a complete standstill, with Democrats and Republicans putting on a grand Kabuki exposition over Lois Lerner and her persecution of conservative groups seeking 501 (C3) & (C4) status.

 For those not familiar with the Japanese art of Kabuki, here is the definition from Wikipedia:

 “Kabuki (歌舞伎) is a classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theater is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers. Kabuki is therefore sometimes translated as “the art of singing and dancing”.

This is a good working definition for the completely sordid affair of Lois Lerner, which just happened to be Obama’s henchman in the IRS, or woman as the case may be. Her leftist politics and ideology, well known by the office staff when she was at the FEC, her previous Director level gig prior to her transfer to the IRS, making her the go-to and point person for targeting conservative groups.

Apparently not all those 322 meeting with the IRS and White House were wasted.

The House Committee on Oversight has just released a report confirming the Treasury Inspector General’s report that she had indeed illegally and with political motivations targeted Tea Party groups or as the evidence shows; groups that had such dangerous titles as ‘Patriot’ or ‘Tea Party’ in their name.

Which brings us up to speed on the background, now to the latest drama and hand wringing on this issue, Elijah Cummings the ranking Democrat member of the oversight committee has been shouting down all thoughts that she is guilty of anything, go figure. With angry words, being exchanged between himself and Darrel Issa the republican chairperson of the committee.

Which makes me wonder if we had these two gentlemen Issa & Cummings working as hard to bring the oppression and subversion of our constitutional rights to light and seek justice, asking that they actually pass laws barring such betrayal or seeking prosecution of Lois Lerner or Impeachment of Obama maybe too much to ask. The faux outrage (Video of Cummings) is just disingenuous, though indicative of the whole Kabuki theater that is Washington. 

I cannot help but think that this all staged like a Kabuki stage show with both sides doing a “side step” like Charles Durning in the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Charles Durning doing the routine), at least he was entertaining and had more credibility than either Cummings or Issa.

All that we have anymore is each side lying and wasting money as they each plot their latest re-election schemes on the nation and their electorates, as they carve us up like a Thanksgiving Turkey. We deserve better than these brigands and jackals that act as petty tyrants as the American people, left without leadership and governance from anyone. This begs for a second American revolution, only this time fought through the Constitution, to redefine the federal government once again, placing it back into its constitutional box by an amending convention, and repeal the 16th and 17th amendments as a first pass.

This first amendment would take the money out of Washington and leave them out of our pockets for good, the second would restore the ongoing check on federal power the States gave away with the 17th amendment. In addition, end this eternal theater of the absurd that is Washington polarized by Obama, the Democrats and Republicans alike, where the bizarre is commonplace and governance is non-existent and the media just ignores it all.

The author is a retired project engineer and executive who now blogs at and has started the Sons of Liberty Project.

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Surprise, George Soros Integrated Into IRS Targeting


With all the revelations about the IRS targeting conservative groups that apply for 501 (C3) or (C4) status for having the words ‘liberty’ or ‘patriot’ in their organizations name, we could possibly live with that. However, information from breaking stories from WND that none other than George Soros the Nazi collaborator from WWII is the moneyman behind the Urban Institute. Which has been contracted by the IRS to collect information from every non-profit that brings-in under $50,000 yearly; this unholy practice of collaboration goes back to the Clinton administration which created the practice of using the IRS as a political tool against conservative organizations with a vengeance.

What is it with the left that they have to use such oppressive force to subdue their political rivals, if their ideas, programs and legislation are so superior, why does it not stand on its own two feet, why all the subterfuge, oppression and force? We all know the answer to that question, because it can’t, so force must be brought to bear to stifle any dissent against these horrendous policies, that just end up being abuse of power at the end of the day. All this from the kinder, gentler, caring liberals and progressives, its enough to make you retch, they smile, kiss and lie with one side of their mouth and condemn with the other.

We now find out that Obama has taken this practice to new heights of abuse of power by codifying the abuse the conservative 501 (C4) organizations have experienced these last four years into new regulations that expand and justify their actions. Of course, he found out about this the same we did, on the evening news, which is after IRS officials had 322 meetings with White House staff since late 2010 after Democrats had their first humiliating election defeat.

Whom do you believe?

Lois Lerner the IRS official that is at the center of this abuse of power scandal has now refused to testify to a congressional oversight committee for the second time. In a bizarre twist of fate or circumstance, after being questioned by the DOJ. Without any immunity being offered or given, in other words voluntarily. She then takes her 5th Amendment rights with Congress though voluntarily discusses with the agency that would prosecute for violation of federal law.

The fix is in, she will be rewarded for a job well done, and all Congress can do is offer a futile effort to censure the retired official that is making a mockery of our entire system of justice. Obama feels invincible, he has no shame and congress has no spine, and the people well; we just get mistreated and no meaningful governance from anyone.

What this means is that an imperial president who is acting like the tyrant King George III will continue to do so, since there is not any effective opposition from Congress and the GOP, who are always too busy with their re-election schemes and  plans to be bothered with reigning in Obama and his leftist progressive machine.

Just like1776, this will need the attention of patriots to correct our current dilemma and we are sadly coming up short in this regard. Until we the people act to take back, our government just expect George Soros and Obama to continue suppressing our rights by oppressive government and collusive acts by progressive organizations and their wealthy supporters.

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Impeachment is a Political Process

With all the hand wringing in Congress over the misdeeds and outright mistreatment of citizens that do not share the same political paradigm of our president since he is using the full weight and measure of every federal agency to land on them to stifle, manipulate and outright oppress our citizens is reprehensible.

 What is worse is a feckless Congress that seems, and more importantly appears powerless to stop this abuse of power. One must then assume that the republicans approve of the maltreatment of these same citizens, while each side postures on these actions while doing absolutely nothing to end the abuse. We have heard from Senator Rand Paul and others about suing in federal court over the NSA and other scandals. We have to wonder why when the impeachment process would facilitate the matter of an out of control administration, pardon regime as a working title, of third world Banana Republic status which they have worked so hard to achieve.

Impeachment is a political process, which does not require one iota of proof, or any legal hurdle to overcome such as standing in federal court and evidentiary procedures. It is a straight Bill of Impeachment listing offenses against the official, judge, or president. It is a majority vote process, and stands approved or defeated in the House of Representatives by a simple up or down vote.

The failure to do this only emboldens Obama and his agenda, to new heights of lawlessness, and diminishes the rule of law for the nation overall.

Why all the stalled investigations and do-nothing rhetoric, if it is always going to be about the next election’s strategy and cycle, when will the nations problems ever be discussed and acted upon. When will an out of control rouge government ever be held accountable for anything? Are we purposely being left to the caprice of these denizens of merciless retribution for merely having the wrong political viewpoint than Obama and his sycophants, supporters and minions and abandoned by the GOP on top of that?

How is this governance, of well anything?

We suffer in silence while the GOP completes their next election cycle, will our legislators take action then, or will it all have to wait once again, because, another election is in another two years after this November. Meanwhile the cycle of abuse continues so that we can elect more of these do nothing legislators to continue doing more of the same, which is – nothing, except standing for election.

It seems to me we are continuing to do the same thing over and over, though are expecting different results, that to me sounds like the very definition of insanity, elections have consequences, and now we are seeing that our representatives will do absolutely nothing to stop all this governmental abuse. We are now in the age of Patriots and Tyrants once again with magistrates, officials, bureaucrats and politicians that think only of their own needs and election and career desires as they waive their lace hankies at us. In addition to all that, we are guilty of petty offenses against them when the great unwashed, the filthy peasants, the citizens dare speak up for themselves.

A great reckoning is at hand if Washington does not correct itself, it will be imposed upon them with cataclysmic consequences for us all.

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President Unhinged

What is becoming abundantly clear that Obama is either a foreign agent or mentally unbalanced and must be turned out of office for the sake of the nation and world. We must remember that our presidents have their finger on the nuclear trigger and have the ability to destroy civilization, as we know it.

Many will question my statement and call me pejoratives for such a rash statement; however, the words that Rick Perry Governor of Texas spoke last week were chilling.

In his own words:

“When you have governors, and we all compete against each other — we are the laboratories of innovation — and for the President of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and say, ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure,’ — and that is really troubling,”

To clarify my earlier statements regarding president unhinged, apparently he is not aware of the balance that the States imposed on the federal government when they ratified the Constitution. Must we remind the president in name only that we are a compact, a confederation of sovereign States that conduct our own affairs as the citizens of our states find most pleasing, which is why prostitution is legal in Nevada and no other State? Alternatively, that Colorado & Washington have now seen fit to make marijuana legal for recreational use.

For a sitting president to say ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure,’ about affairs in their own State is deeply troubling and indicates a complete disconnect from the reality on the understanding of our entire system of government, State, Federal and local by this president.

These are indeed troubling times…for the sake of this nation and world this tyrant must simply be turned out of office, preferably on a rail.

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A Nation Adrift in a Sea of Corruption

We are a nation adrift in a sea of madness of socialist design and intention and most of all awash in corruption. What with the NSA, IRS, FEC, Benghazi and AP reporter scandals are all being swept under a very lumpy rug that just can’t quite cover it all, much less the stench which cannot be hidden by any means whatsoever.  We must understand that it is of our own making; many will question this thesis as being untrue but the evidence is compelling and overwhelming when viewed in its totality.  

How is it that we stand on the brink of our literal destruction as an economic power when we have experienced the Great Depression before and not learned any real hard economic lessons?

The answer lies in politics not economics.

Why have we repeated the very same policies that exacerbated the debacle of 1929 but surpassed them with the virtual collapse of our national will as well? By adding crippling and economically destroying legislation that will forever change our capitalist economic system with the Dodd/Frank financial reform and who can forget the memorable ObamaCare legislation; these two pieces of legislation are our entire free market economy.

 Is this an accident; I don‘t think so.

 Obama and his party of supporters and surrogates were not happy with simple outcomes they are after bigger fish, and they will not rest until they have achieved their goals and objectives. 

In earlier times in our history, we celebrated the accomplishments of our leaders in every way from whatever their humble beginnings they may have had. We reveled in their rise in stature as a leader of men and women as an example of the indomitable American spirit as enshrined in our founding documents, deeds of personal and military victories on all that we ourselves could become as individuals and as a nation. Their lives were simply and open book, no more.

That was our past.

It is with a dark and menacing remake of the American dream where envy and mean spirited rhetoric rules the day that has so polarized this nation, that honest discourse is now impossible. Our president’s entire reelection campaign strategy was based on painting his opponent Mitt Romney as a vile and ruthless out of touch capitalist that wished the destruction of the middle class. The rhetoric and ad campaigns were the worst and dirtiest in the entire history of modern electoral politics, you would need to go back to the early 1800’s to find an election so filled with hate, rancor and vile condemnation as 2012. The attacks from Obama were so Fast & Furious (reference to Obama’s arms for drugs scheme from Mexican Cartels) that the corruption and record of his administration is epic and blatant without one cry of dissension from Congress, the Media or the population at large for that matter.

Have we fallen so far?

How has this come about that not one member of Congress will stand-up for our nations founding principals and bring a Bill of Impeachment forward for these heinous acts of Eric Holder and Department of Injustice and Obama himself. We get plenty of law but very little justice these days. We now know that Obama actively engaged in seeking campaign donations from foreign sources mostly through the efforts of Robert Roche a long time compatriot and campaign finance and donation bundler for Obama and his communist Chinese corporate enterprises. The DOJ, FBI and FEC, just swept it all under that same old lumpy rug.

The in your face brazenness of this assault is breathtaking and leaves the average citizen stunned in the swiftness of the changes which come at such a breakneck speed as to overwhelm the senses and numb the spirit in their sheer quantity and rapidity. Every day brings another revelation about the lawlessness of Obama and his regime and we are greeted with the incessant chant of ‘racism’ when we dare question these events or their tawdry outcomes.

An all too rapidly aging and declining population that actually works and pays for it all will not be able to keep-up with the citizens that slip into poverty and will only feed our decline due to the disastrous economic policies of Obama and the ruinous spending approved by Congress. Furthermore Obama Care’s main objective is to send as many citizens to the happy hunting grounds and hereafter as swiftly as possible for the Baby Boomer generation.

Lest, they bankrupt the nation with Medicare and Social Security payments later on, the  Death-Panels Sarah Palin talked about are a feature not an aberration… 

The sad part is we have lessons from recent history of the epic fail of these types of government policies with the meltdown and destruction of the U.S.S.R and the communist sphere of influence only twenty years in the past. Our most revered institutions are participating in our destruction. With the recent, decision by the Supreme Court in their convoluted reasoning on Obamacare, it is a tax not a penalty is what Chief justice Roberts proclaimed. In principle and in fact, they were legislating from the bench to revive a horrendously failed piece of legislation that the nation did not want, need or desire, the constitutionality of the law was secondary to the outcome, posterity will say otherwise.

The actions of SCOTUS have sullied the cornerstone of our Constitution for all time and left open a path to unbridled taxation of our citizens. For almost any capricious whim of a lace waving hanky Congress and incorrigible President that deem it good for the nation. This action alone has expelled from our foundational constitutional equation what it is that the citizens may desire for themselves, their children or for that matter posterity, our betters in Washington now have the power of life and death over each one of us.

Congress does not escape this corruption as they have allowed Obama to flaunt the abrogation and usurpation of their constitutionally granted powers to legislate and provide oversight to our executive branch. They have allowed a willful usurpation of their duties to both protect and defend the Constitution. First with the disgraceful actions of Obama and his Justice Department in the callous and wanton murder of Mexican citizens in Fast & Furious with the unlawful trafficking of weapons across an international border is inexcusable.

Secondly, to add insult to injury they have participated in the fruitless deficit spending not with deliberation through the budgeting process but with continuing spending resolutions that created deficits as far as the eye can see. They have wholly failed to halt the implementation of new legislation by executive fiat with the Dream Act being implemented by of all things an Executive Order, and all they do is cower in the corner against the shadow that Obama casts upon this nation.

Who are these cowards that hold such high office…?

Not only are we faced with this corruption of our governmental institutions but by the fourth estate as well, our so-called ‘Free Press’ as enshrined in the First Amendment as freedom of speech.  Their unspoken duty in the Constitution is to be the guardians of our rights by bringing the actions of individuals and our governments misdeeds to our attention through ethical reporting of current events in the nation and world. Instead, they hand us assault after assault on a daily basis of our freedom by being masters of propaganda for Obama by the policy of abridgement of our Constitutional rights. We witnessed the stunning arrest and incarceration of the producer of the “Innocence of Muslim” video, right here in America, widely accepted by these talking heads as willing purveyors of our own destruction. Instead of being our shield from an unjust government, they act as a junior varsity cheer leading squad that does not know any better, as they continue, advocating for all that Obama does and desires. 

You would think they would be the first to object to this act; instead, they stand up, applauding this abridgement of our First Amendment rights with very few reporters telling the truth, the all too few are drowned in the cacophony of the Democrat Media Complex.

The outcome of all this has been the acceptance by our nations people who appeared more concerned when Obama lost the first presidential debate in 2012, that he was not able to use a teleprompter.  The concept of a debate appears to be lost on these citizens as a contest of ideas presented with persuasive argument based on facts, logic, reason and critical thinking in real time, much less on the stump. It simply shows the mettle of the man under pressure, nothing more noting less.

Elvis has clearly left the building, why do we not know this.

Obama has almost succeeded in the complete destruction and corruption of our nation and given another three years will finish the job he has started as we ourselves have allowed this cancer to spread, by our collective inaction.

Will history record that we were the generation that lost liberty, and failed to stop this tyrant?

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Our Founding Legacy


How many have taken the time to study the most important document in the history of our nation, the Constitution? Is it still taught in our schools, as a vessel of our future posterity as we brave an uncertain future, more so as Obama shreds its precepts daily?

Is it being discarded in favor of the expediency of the day?

This frail and meager & document spent its early life moldering in one government office after another shut away from all and forgotten as mere scraps of parchment that gave birth to a nation. We came together in a perfect union of disparate interests thrown together to provide for our common destiny, and well-being of all our citizens. Our nation has seen such heights of human endeavor and development with unparalleled cooperation among men giving rise to an economic power unrivaled in the history of the world. As well as such, lows that at times caused us to question our very existence as a nation, and a people to rise once again to fulfill our destiny among equals as the greatest nation in the history of the world.

From a rabble that would dare to rise up against the worlds only superpower of its day the British Empire, Parliament and the Tyrant King George III. The sheer audacity of these pilgrims, with all the confidence and brash behavior they could muster in an ultimate act of defiance that defines this nation’s birth as no other.

How many citizens have taken the time to gaze upon this noble experiment in self-governance and wonder upon its meaning to past generations, our children and ourselves or our posterity? While many would claim, it is only worthless bits of parchment; though its value is beyond measure in human potential.

Never before in the history of man, have a people chosen to challenge the natural order of their day and declare with one voice that each individual is sovereign to themselves and not subject to the petty demands of monarchs, nobles and kings, and today presidents.

Each is an equal among men and to each other.

This meager document written with the blood of patriots shed in battle that saw this nation’s birth and their sacrifice to a common cause to see its true meaning. The Revolutionary War was a bloody eight-year conflict that saw all too many defeats in the first six years; the turning point came at battle of Cowpens, from then on, the hand of providence assured our victory.  The Constitution was written in a time where only the educated or landed gentry could read the words written upon its pages; however, it was not written for these people but the common man and citizens’ of the day, all of them…and all that were to come.

It codified the framework for a national government of negative rights with its only charter to safeguard the citizen’s rights for all time.

It created a government of four branches, three of them co-equal they are follows:

Article I the Legislative Branch

Article II the Executive Branch

Article III the Judicial Branch

With such precision, to leave, no doubt, for future generations on the limited powers that this experiment in self-governance imposed upon itself by its citizens. It would have been easy for the framers of the Constitution to create a government that would cruelly exploit its citizens.

They did not choose this path, instead they created a document of such plain meaning that anyone could understand it, then, or at anytime in the future.

The Constitution is simply a declaration as much as the Declaration of Independence is, though this statement intended for King George III and his Parliament to redress our grievances against the Crown as freeborn English citizens. The Constitution is a natural extension of this declaration since the people understood that they were endowed with unalienable or natural rights, chief amongst these were “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

They proudly declared this fact to King George and the entire world.

Our founders chose their words carefully laboring as they drafted the Constitution to breathe life into it as they were going to raise a nation from the ashes of eight year’s of war.

They simply proclaimed that each citizen was vesting a portion of their individual sovereignty granted to them as natural rights by the grace of God to a Federal Government for the conduct of their affairs they found to be most pleasing to themselves.

This is why the first three words, We the People  are written with such boldness, emphasis and specificity that is not repeated anywhere else in this noble experiment of self-governance, known simply as our Constitution. So that the People would readily understand and grasp its meaning and know that, their future was pre-ordained by the selfless acts of many patriots’ that toiled under liberties call and gave birth to a new nation as they themselves dedicated their lives for it.

As Madison explained, the Constitution is:

“of no more consequence than the paper on which it is written, unless it be stamped with the approbation of those to whom it is addressed . . . THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.”

This is the fourth branch of our federal government and it is time for this nation’s citizens to rise from their slumber and exercise their authority… as we are living in times of a Tyrants reign once again, and this generation will answer Liberties call once again, or perish under the cruel yoke of tyranny.

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The Roots of America’s Political Madness

We know what in fact the progressive left has planned, we need to fight, not just sit around and grouse about the hand we have been dealt. We can end the madness if we are willing to come together and destroy their ability to continue in the very madness that is destroying us.

Do we know what it is they want?

Yes, they have been plain as day about it and we know that they are using our institutions against us to the point of arrogance with a dismissive attitude that just begs for a counter attack. The left can only win if we play their game.

 I suggest we play ours.

One of the avenues I have been exploring is the roots of this madness and it began in the 1890’s with the advent of the “Progressive Movement” and came to fruition under Woodrow Wilson as the nation’s first progressive president. Wilson inherited four Constitutional Amendments through ratification or their becoming effective.


 16th ratified 1913, The creation of the Income Tax
17th ratified 1913, Popular election of Senators
18th ratified 1919, Prohibition
19th ratified 1920, Women’s Suffrage gave women the right to vote

Let us just accept the fact that under Wilson this movement “baked-in” the cataclysm that we are seeing today by using the Constitution as the vehicle for our society’s current changes. Wilson either by design or by default was the president in office and recipient of the most Constitutional Amendments after the “Bill of Rights” was ratified in 1791, which codified our rights in relation to the government.

If we examine these amendments, we see the powerful hand that shaped our society to what we have today. By taking each in turn, we will see that they have been used or corrupted for less than noble ends.

The 16th Amendment has been the vehicle to grow the federal government to the size it is today by the collection of Income Taxes where 91% of the Federal tax revenue comes from. The income tax as originally proposed was to be a modest tax only for the wealthiest amongst us would pay, (where have we heard this before). It was not to be used to re-distribute wealth from one segment of our society to another as we have today; it was simply to fund the government. As a practical matter, this is what it has wrought, as 48% of our citizens pay no Federal Income taxes (takers), or receives more than they paid in benefits with the other 52% (makers) shouldering the takers burden as well as their own.

Popular election of Senators, with the 17th Amendment was a terrible mistake that dissolved the States of their duty under the Constitution to monitor and direct their Senators in federal legislation. To keep their finger on the pulse and direction of the Federal Government in-check, since prior to this amendment they could appoint, recall and direct a Senators actions and voting in the Senate. This is an important point, as the States are the only entities that can amend the Constitution.

Congress can only suggest an amendment the States ratify them.

They also originally ceded a small portion of their sovereignty to create the Federal Government at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 as a limited government of modest means with the States holding police powers and the ultimate power, power to amend with the federal authority constrained by negative rights

  As Jefferson so eloquently defined:

 “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

In the end States define what the Federal Government actually is, through the Constitution.

This is now used by default to expand federal powers, as Congress is free of State oversight. Since Senators have fallen to the craven lot of most all other elected officials, of avoiding all semblance of controversy, which could sour their chances at re-election…and gives emphasis to the corrupt practice of redistribution of federal revenues through largess to their constituents.

Prohibition through the 18th Amendment points the way to the social engineering to come, through a matter of law, which ignored human nature, with the creation of the welfare state, drug laws, prohibiting gambling, gun control, legislation of morality etc… This particular amendment unleashed a torrent of rampant crime and violence upon the nation and left us with the legacy of organized crime, which we have with us today.

 Prohibition was repealed through the 21st Amendment in 1933. This Caused Congress to bring forth the first gun control act the National Firearms Act better known as the NFA of 1934 due to the violence seen with Prohibition. This is the basis for Senator Feinstein’s Assault Weapon Ban 2013 we see today. All of this has cascaded forward by the changes to our government as defined in the 18th Amendment ratified in 1919; amendments to our Constitution have powerful consequences.

Giving women the right to vote with 19th Amendment pointed the way to use legislation in other areas of social engineering, as was done with Prohibition. Frankly, its time had come to bring equality to women on an intellectual level and recognition of their unalienable rights. The outcome however has become a wedge between the sexes, only because the left uses women’s gender as a club against men and society in general.

 Social engineering from the left has created its latest darling and disaffected group, “Gay” rights, along with the abhorrent Violence Against Women’s Act, which has created more single parent families than Welfare alone. Obama continually panders to these predominately-single woman households as just one of his electorates for his continual re-distribution schemes.

 The federal government has no business in States Powers or the rights of their citizens or these issues, much less legislating morality for the nation at large. So given all of these redefinitions to the Constitution (federal government) points the way in which we can deal a deathblow to the left. They have patiently waited 100 years to bear the bitter fruit we see today through these amendments.

Which means we can do the same to redefine what the Federal Government is and more importantly what it is…NOT!

We can affect permanent changes to our nation by using these same methods to defeat the left by repealing the 16th and 17th amendments, which would restore power to the States and people where it belongs. Utah was the only State in the nation to reject both the 16th & 17th Amendment and saw the destructive power behind them for what they were, I am proud to call Utah my home.

Others have argued that the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified and became a law that never was.

Thinking that if we just elect the “right” people to Washington to solve our dilemma is a fool’s errand as Washington is the problem as Reagan so eloquently said. One hundred years of the corrupting influence and trillions of dollars that have flowed to politicians to re-distribute to their electorates is too powerful to defeat by a federal legislature redefined to do just that by these amendments.

The solution must come from the people as a grass-roots effort to wrest control back from the corrupting environ of Washington and back to the state and local level where it belongs where “We The People” can monitor and once again control. We must demand a Constitutional dialog and amendments to rein-in all the elements arrayed against the citizen and nation.

Preferably through Constitutional Conventions as outlined in Article V to redefine the federal government once again. This would be free from interference from federal legislators and be firmly in the hands of the people the same as was done for the repeal of the 18th Amendment through the 21St in Sec. 3 shown below:

 Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by conventions in the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the States by the Congress.


 Bold and underlined text is my emphasis.

This is the only peaceful means to effect permanent change as any other method using elections, legislation, or the courts will just mean constant battles and skirmishes with the progressive left in perpetuity until they eventually win!

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