The Devil is in the Details

Attended a Tea Party meeting last night and the guest speaker was a candidate for county commissioner, his presentation was indistinguishable from every leftist fear mongering viewpoint we have ever heard, this is the state of politics in this nation. It was a hit job on a Convention of the States initiative to amend the Constitution.  What rankled me was that intermittently during his presentation he would make a snide remark and look in my direction, he knew I held a differing opinion and tried to discredit me before the fact of  my rebuttal, about what he thought I would present, I was condemned before ever speaking.

Where have we heard that technique before?

I objected and declared that I would speak for myself, I had to make this objection three times before he got the message. During his 30 minute slide show his chief boogeyman, George Soros and is only one man, and a Nazi collaborator from WWII as well. He supposedly trumps the will of the people of this entire nation, it was disgraceful. On being granted the time to address the audience I simply discussed how it was that we have arrived at this juncture and pinpointed where our nation veered left in 1913 with the 16th amendment which has given Washington the power to buy consensus with our own money by spending about 3.5 Trillion yearly on corporate and individual welfare. These funds are about 60% of the entire yearly federal budget, the rest we borrow. Which is actually used to pay all the things the government is supposed to do per the Constitution, like defense, patent office, post office etc…

Then discussed the 17th amendment in which the States simply gave up their check on federal power by being able to appoint, recall and direct Senators in the performance of their duties by the States legislature. In essence turning the Senate into another House of Representatives with six year terms. The major stumbling block for everyone was that they could not see any way possible to identify amendments that needed to be made to the Constitution and it would devolve into a runaway convention with the worst possible outcome.

This was a direct result of the fear mongering.

A vote was taken with a predictable outcome, the people had been frightened by the presentation, they voted down, the idea of a constitutional convention. I then asked, do we need to repeal the 16th & 17th amendment, all but about a few voted yes. So much for the myth of not being able to identify which amendments to propose. What struck me later was that for all the fear that this gentlemen generated, could not counter the logic and reason and calm presentation of the facts. It was agreed that the Constitution must be amended the actual means to do so was not decided, but amended it must be. When we are reminded that we are free citizens and able to direct our own outcome in life, as free citizens we bend our knee to no Monarch real or imagined. The people will respond, with one voice, we must simply be reminded of who we are and that the blood of revolutionaries runs through our veins and we will find the stamina and gumption to relight the lamp of liberty that is being smothered once again.

Every politician that was running for office that was there, pledged to work for the repeal of these abysmal amendments, call me cynical, I will believe it when I see it. However, the candidate for commissioner came up to me afterward and thanked me and said we must amend the Constitution. There is hope for this man and nation.

In Liberty

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