Obama Ignores Illegal Immigration Costs To Nation & Society

Once again we have Obama pandering to another electorate to push a faulty agenda for the National Socialist cause of unbridled societal anarchy. The latest milieu from this tyrant is his insistence that illegal aliens are not a danger to society with a stunningly ignorant remark:

“That’s just not a good use of our resources. It’s not smart. It doesn’t make sense,”

What doesn’t make sense is continuous agitation, are we just to allow anyone that want to settle in our nation just walk in the front or back door sit down and make themselves at home living in the shadows, not paying taxes and not acting as a citizen to better the nation and not just themselves. Why is it that Obama applauds people that are so selfish in this way though expect citizens to pay their taxes, act lawfully and their duty when called. Will people who have broken the law make better citizens than the ones he spits on daily with his ridicule against conservatives.

Let’s tackle the major argument Obama makes:

“makes it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs,”

What is making it hard for law enforcement to do  their job is that he is turning out violent criminals onto our streets with his catch and release immigration policies where he has released over 36,000 violent criminals onto our streets. Then we have his initiative through the DOJ to change sentencing laws for people of color and minorities who have in his words disproportionately broken our laws. They are not victims of discrimination and been sentenced for being black or minorities, they are lawbreakers and do so in disproportionate amounts for their race compared to whites. Your own FBI crime statistics proves this. This nation is not racist, we live by the rule of law, your vision is to live by the rule of man where there are so many caveats to enforcement of law that anarchy prevails.

If we examine this with a thought experiment, we will see that Obama’s vision is racists and racist to its core, if we had the same exact circumstances of disproportionate crime and illegal immigration being committed by whites, would he support the changes he has implemented or will implement. Of course he wouldn’t because the entire argument fails, it fails because the reason for all the disproportionate treatment is because of whites in the first place and their perpetual discrimination even after slavery was abolished.

They would be given a just punishment for their crimes and based not on the current crime which is the basis for the balancing the cosmic scales of past injustice that happened well over 150 years ago and the white mans conquest of the new world. In the end then all this is nothing more than political posturing and gaming our system for political advantage for votes this November by the politics of racial division and class warfare. This is the National Socialist style of governing which is only electorate pandering and governance is non existent. We must impeach and prosecute this tyrant to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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