Iran Demands The Surrender of Israel & USA

The conflicting messages continue with Iran this time it is from Maj. Gen. Hossein Dehqan who has also graced our pages last Saturday after wrapping up a meeting with Russia’s Defense Minister where the two discussed regional issues and defense objectives. That meeting ended with an invitation for Russia to continue talks in Tehran. Iran’s Defense Minister is now demanding that America disarm we do not want to construe their meaning so we will quote the article:

“We urge our country’s nuclear negotiators that in addition to the talks with G5-1, to focus their efforts on full nuclear, chemical and microbial disarmament of the Zionist regime, the biggest threat to the region and world’s security, as well as the disarmament of the United States.”

First we had the nuclear talks breaking up in Geneva with Iran stubbornly refusing to negotiate. Then on their next meeting Iran turned the tables on the talks with increased demands they be allowed to continue their nuclear program and their missile development was not part of the agreement, these talks broke-up in recriminations amongst the negotiators.

Iran continues to make serial demands, first with Rouhani which demanded that the USA pay Iran reparations for the laughable demand of:

“hostile policies” that have cost the Iranian people “much loss and damage,”

The we have what amounts to a bribe to continue talking, which was interesting and pointed out in our article found here. His statement proved our contention that they had in fact been practicing taqiya and had no intention of honoring the agreement, it was simply a stalling tactic and Obama took it hook, line and sinker. At least that’s the way it was meant to appear.

Then we have the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei making what appears to be an ultimatum to us and a declaration of war. The rhetoric is certainly heating up and it appears we are on a collision course with destiny. This latest demand that we disarm is to be expected, after all if we were foolish enough to take such a gesture we would be dealt a coup de grace swiftly and might I add justly if we so stupid to accept such a laughable demand. However, we must not overlook that we have Obama, Iran’s stealth weapon in the White House has spewed disinformation over Iran’s intentions over nuclear weapons.

Where Obama has issued statements that were patently false and misleading, why is the question? Here is the remark regarding Iran’s nuclear program:

“Iranian officials are citing President Obama as evidence that their leaders have issued a fatwa, or religious edict, against the use of nuclear weapons.”

What we are left with is that Obama has given Iran the same quantity of time that Benjamin Netanyahu had warned about when he spoke at the U.N. which Obama and world scoffed at. His predictions have come true and the latest bombast from Iran is that open warfare will begin soon. They have achieved their objective of their nuclear program with the willing assistance of our feckless tyrant which gave the money time and resources to become a nuclear power. For a full view of this anthology, these are the articles in serial form:

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After reading each of these articles in order a frightening picture develops, one that show that Iran has achieved their objective and become a nuclear power. What is so damaging is that we had the chance to destroy this regime bent on the destruction of the ‘big and little Satan which is us and Israel, in 2009. Instead Obama chose to let the Green movement be annihilated, choosing instead to set the Sunni world on fire in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen. This alone point’s to the fact that we have a traitor in the White House, with his actions at Benghazi chief amongst them. In his quest for a nuclear Iran, he armed Al Qeada our sworn enemy and in so doing gave, aid and comfort to our enemies, this alone is treason, the actions with Iran are simply criminal, cold and calculating when you factor in all the other actions that are destroying our nation, economically, militarily, socially, and spiritually.

He is turning this government and nation against the people and unleashed a fifth column of saboteurs loose onto our streets to induce terror and destruction in furtherance of his masters in Iran, Russia and Islam. This Son of Islam has unleashed parallel actions against this nation and people all to bring about our downfall.

We must rise to face this challenge and bring this harbinger and tyrant of our destruction to answer for his tyrannical actions against the nation. We must impeach, prosecute and punish this traitor amongst us. For if we fail in this we will be destroyed and living our last few hours in the misery of darkness, the likes of which we have never known, brought to our knees and downfall by a traitor and Son of Islam. From an original story on WND.

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