Time to Repeal the 16th Amendment

Citizens need to work towards repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution from an out of control federal government, this amendment created the Income Tax, one hundred years ago in 1913. Repealing this amendment would place the entire question of our runaway federal government into the hands of the several States where this issue belongs in the first place. This is possibly the only way, we can rein in the ruinous spending, citizen abuse and onerous taxes from an out of control federal government, Congress has created the problem expecting them to fix it is sheer lunacy.

That is spending the nation into bankruptcy from recalcitrant policies of continual tax, borrow and spend.

Another impetus for this action is the IRS scandal that was conveniently covered-up during last election by Obama, the Treasury department, IRS Commissioner and the Inspector General by failing to inform Congress during congressional hearing’s…all to ensure Obama was reelected. This scandal has become the catalyst for sincere debate for the future of our nation based on our founding principles grounded on the foundation of our Constitution, a win-win proposition.

Repealing this onerous amendment has the bonus that the President has no say whatsoever in the matter; it is beyond his purview constitutionally it is a matter among the people and their state governments. Congress can submit a proposed amendment to the states, though the people can act alone in this matter if they choose to.

After all we are a confederation and compact of sovereign States that have formed a union having the federal governments taxing power brought into focus and placed as a constitutional amendment once again before the “People’ would short-circuit the power of the federal government and immediately bring them to heel.

The Constitution can be amended by Constitutional Conventions to implement this repeal like the repeal of the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) with the 21st Amendment, which was done by conventions in the several States.

The States have acted before with a precedent for a constitutional amendment, when FDR died in office the 22nd Amendment was brought forward and ratified in a relatively short time (in only four of the required seven year life span for the proposed amendment’s ratification).

Since the States thought, better of such long terms in office by a forceful president and the abuses heaped on the nation by FDR. Roosevelt’s Supreme Court packing scheme was chief amongst these, with much the same type of machinations as we are experiencing with Obama. He was famous for his abuse of power through the IRS and speaks to the coercion that president’s have abused through the abomination of the Income Tax with the IRS as their henchmen against the nations citizens, as their political enemies.

Congress must also pass a balanced budget requirement as well, and eliminate borrowing. It must also commit to the destruction of the Federal Reserve as a central bank to return this nation to constitutionally gold-based currency. We must take these steps to restore solvency and take our monetary system and economy away from this government instrumentality, known as the FED that continuously refuses repeated, audits by Congress, which places their actions beyond the ability of the people to control.

The latest monumental legislative overreach Obamacare, foisted on the nation from a Democrat controlled Congress without one Republican vote. The Supreme Court contorted law, logic and reason to approve this legislative nightmare, forcing all citizens to engage in commerce of the Democrats choosing.  The legislation screams from the rooftops that our system is broken and in need of repair if we are to keep our Constitutional Republic.

Having the IRS carryout this national disgrace disguised as healthcare would mean wholesale abuse of citizens on a scale that we have never seen before, and would create anarchy in short order, and is probably why Homeland Security is beefing up their offensive capabilities.

These steps must be taken if we are to return to fiscal responsibility and break the hold of identity politics that have gripped this nation since the 1930’s, first with Roosevelt and radically expanded during the Johnson administration with the creation of the Welfare State and the entitlement mentality, to today’s abuses in the age of Obama.

With the repeal of the 16th amendment, our entire federal bureaucracy and Washington’s overreach is immediately eliminated and governmental power would revert to the States and the People. It would also have the added benefit of breaking the disgraceful hold of the Left and the Democrats propensity for creating divisive electorate groups out of thin air based on anger, envy, sex, income, race, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and eliminate the class warfare that they set against the nation and its unsuspecting people.

Ultimately, it would destroy their ability to re-distribute the nations treasure and our citizen’s personal incomes, wages and labors as they see, fit regardless of the destructive consequences they create and has become evident by the moribund economy and loss of economic opportunity.

After all our current troubles are because of the Democrats efforts to create the current entitlement culture and economy, much less expand it, even after its toxic effects have become evident. The elimination of the 16th Amendment would simply obliterate the Left and their destructive politics based on other people’s incomes and their abhorrent identity politics on which the Democrats continuously pander.

The Democrats and their leftist supporters would show the ugly face behind the mask and reveal how subversive they really are to the American people. They would object to the proposed Amendment(s) and their power base of unions, so-called poor, minorities, government workers, teachers etc., would come out in full force in massive protests.

It would pull the rug out from under them and lead to the current destruction of their hegemony for all time…

I say good riddance…

On the other hand, if we continue to go down the rabbit hole of Socialism we will lose our designation as a “Free and Able People.” This is what is at stake if we do not turn away from this course.

The 17th Amendment must be repealed along with the 16th to replace the balance of power between the Federal Government and States interests as the Constitution originally intended!

Our Republic stands on the brink, while Washington acts against the interests of the people, and it is only through the people that our system of government will be saved…

Will we fail to act, or act to restore the Republic, the choice is ours and ours alone to make.

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