Voice of Reason, an Appeal for the Rule of Law

Our nation is at a crossroads brought to this point by one hundred years of society rotting influence of the liberal progressive thought, deed and action through amendments to the Constitution by two main initiatives. Both have caused the federal government to grow exponentially. The first initiative was to provide the funding needed to change our nation from a laissez-faire market driven capitalist economic system to the centrally planned over regulated economy we see today.

The other was to restrict the States ability to oversee, direct and control federal legislation as an ongoing check on federal power. None of this would matter if we had men and women of honor and character serving in Washington, however the old adage “absolute power corrupts absolutely” add money and influence and we have a heady cocktail for mischief and corruption. Which is why the Constitution originally forbade taxation by capitation and why the 16th Amendment needed to be ratified to approve the income tax.

With States unable to control their Senators to appoint, recall and direct their voting in the Senate they abandoned their ability to be an ongoing check on federal powers with the 17th amendment, hence the explosive growth of the federal government to its current size and its bloated structure we see today.

Washington In PrayerWe have come to the point that our founders feared and knew would come that our citizens would be intoxicated with the easy life of largesse, that day has come. It is paid to corporations, individuals, States and municipalities to the point that it is almost 60% of the federal budget, with much of it borrowed. This is how the federal government pushes these freedom-destroying initiatives onto our citizens, for road projects, women’s shelters, education and all too many other avenues where they simply have no business being involved.

We are so far down the road that an awakening is occurring in our nation and we have realized that our federal government now threatens our freedom, liberty and economic choices we were once free to make for ourselves. With Obamacare and the Dodd/Frank financial reforms our entire economy is now under the direct control of Washington.

Then when we have a president that believes the he alone can rule this nation and foist his agenda upon our citizens by the stroke of his pen, we have arrived at the suspension of the rule of law. Congress is powerless to stop the abuse, as a matter fact they have been complicit. Republican and Democrat alike, as they approved the funding and have only given lax oversight to all this nation & liberty destroying agenda. Both parties and the Obama government is doing everything possible to destroy the only viable voice standing up against this tyranny, the Tea Party. Which is the only organic movement to bring Constitutional government back to Washington in the last sixty years, possibly one hundred.

This movement is growing daily as our citizens realize that the Emperor has no clothes and he is changing the nation for the worse, he is not alone in this venture, so many others have applauded and pushed this agenda for him as well. It is now at the point that on May 16, 2014 retired Colonel Harry Riley has called for an American Spring, I can certainly appreciate the frustration that everyone feels. However, I am dismayed that my fellow patriots and citizens would be willing to march into the tyrants jaws so willingly before we exercise the Constitutions ultimate power, the right to amend the Constitution under Article V. Even if this rebellious action were to succeed the corrupt system, would be left intact for another generation of citizen legislators to be corrupted, the cycle would only continue.

Visions of the last rebellion that tried to force change on Washington was when General Douglas MacArthur illegally suppressed the Bonus Army of 1932 at the command of President Hoover in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Would Obama act any different?

Personally, I cannot support such a misadventure as a life long advocate of the rule of law. If we do not exhaust every peaceful means to place our federal government back into the confines of the Constitution once again we will have sullied the memories of all that have fought and died for this great nation. If we fail at amending the Constitution then we will have failed as a nation and people that embraced the rule of law over the rule of man. Currently we are assaulted with onerous taxes, edicts and oppression, is this enough to justify revolution? If there is to be, mass protests and even violence let it come as a just and righteous Casus Belli as was our War of Independence, forced upon us and not in anger.valley forge Our founders had suffered a long train of abuses, locked out of their own houses of legislation by King George III; let our tyrants in Washington do this and deny our right to amend the Constitution before we the people take that last drastic step.

That must only be endured until freedom is once again reclaimed and that last shot is fired in anger, or suppressed into oblivion.

We must use the power that our founders gave us to embrace the rule of law against any that wish to deny us our heritage as a free and able people. We must put our shoulder to the wheel and push as one people once again instead of the divided rabble we have become by petty politicians that use our own taxes against us and set one group of citizens against another. With the politics of class warfare and racial division. Let us rededicate ourselves to our posterity and our children’s future and amend the Constitution by amending conventions of the States. before we even think about giving these tyrants our lives, which would only be a willing sacrifice to their treachery.

Leaders will come forward to lead us. Likely from the ranks of the General Staff cashiered by Obama, with veterans and other patriots when that time, God help us is ever needed. I implore anyone that is tempted to travel to Washington on May 16 to reapply your efforts and reaffirm the rule of law instead of the tyrant’s rule of man.

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