Obama’s Legacy In Libya

Muammar Gaddafi had become weary of fighting the international community and intermittent bombings that claimed the life of his children and compatriots so he voluntarily gave up his nuclear and weapons of mass destruction in 2003.  He continued to make a lot of noise about the western powers, though he kept the various factions in his country from outright anarchy and exporting terrorism around the globe.

The pattern that Obama has forged in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Egypt is deposing one secular leader after another and driving them into the arms of Iran and Russia. His curious alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and the parent of our supposed sworn enemy aL Qaeda further prove this. Everywhere Obama & Hilary Clinton have touched with their disastrous foreign policies failed States have flourished.

Egypt has gone as far as filed charges in the World Court of ‘Crimes against Humanity’ against Obama for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the atrocities they committed against the Egyptian people. Libya has since become a haven for terrorists and criminals that wish to seek their fortune in the anonymity of a failed nation, where anything and everything is available for a price without any annoying law enforcement, there is not any. The government has to hire militia units to patrol and provide security services for government buildings, hospitals and the airports in the country.

It is so bad that a Russian aircraft carrying weapons that was transiting through Libya was stripped of its arms right on the runway shortly after landing. The picture above is one of the arms markets in Tripoli where any weapon is available for a price from small arms to heavy weapons and shoulder fired surface to air missile (SAM) as well. If I were to speculate, each failed action by Obama may not be a failed action at all, as no one is this incompetent.

If each action is viewed with another motive the pieces fall into place, let us connect the dots. It starts with the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009, Obama took a hands off approach when a regime change could have occurred in Iran, curious that he had an opportunity to end their nuclear program decisively and completely, he let this movement die in its crib. Then he and Hilary Clinton championed the Arab Spring, or the illusion of Democracy in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt and embraced the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law, which caused the people of Egypt to overthrow them, the upshot is that Egypt has now turned to Putin and Russian arms, Libya is a failed State and Saudi Arabia does not trust Obama.

If you wanted to cause strife, war, chaos & pestilence Obama has made a good start so far but he is far from finished. His next foray was Syria with the infamous “Red Line” which brought us to the brink of War with Russia and Iran their ally in the region, Putin swooped in and brokered a deal at the supposed last minute.

No one can be this incompetent, if we were to now suppose that each of these actions were done to increase the influence of Iran and Russia and weaken the influence of the Sunni Islam majority in the Middle East and the western powers things become much clearer. We know that Obama has had the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House, which is incredible to even contemplate such an act, however this has happened and the red carpet has been laid out for Islam in our government under Obama.

To sum up Obama is not only a usurper who refuses to document and prove his murky past he may also be a foreign agent working for both Iran and Russia, the pieces fit, they appear undeniable when viewed thorough this perspective. The oppression he has heaped on our citizens is incredible and unceasing; with all the abuse of power used by this petty tyrant, who has his finger on the nuclear trigger, may well destroy us all.

Therefore, now that we have been lead to this conjecture, Obama’s open mic statement when he thought no one could hear to Medvedev the Russian President “tell Vladimir I will be more flexible after the election” is a lot clearer in intention.

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