A Society Conditioned to be Devoid of Values

We are experiencing the fruition of progressive beliefs and policies started in the 1960’s with the creation of the welfare state. It has permeated through all institutions in our nation. Liberals will not acknowledge the bitter fruit; they wrought with permissive policies of pushing personal responsibility onto government, which created the welfare underclass.”  Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one of the original architects for the society destroying policies and frankly its foremost expert on this matter named this segment of our society in his Counsel of Despair article of 1996.   

When we have second and third generation recipients’ proof that these policies of “it’s for the children” is an abysmal failure. Giving away personal responsibility for meager sustenance at the hands of a benevolent state only creates more of what you have attempted to abolish and that is poverty.

We are now reaping the other side of the coin in their society destructive meme with the total disregard for others being prevalent amongst our citizens as a society conditioned to turn their back on their fellow man since charity, institutionalized by the State by Democrats and their liberal progressive advocates is for their own purpose.

As they create, hegemony of a voting pool of low information voters conditioned to free government handouts from Washington. Our local communities are best able to identify and help their neighbors much better than some government employee several thousand miles away in Washington.

So why have they created such a system if not to fundamentally change our society and nation from the inside?

These are the consequences of fifty plus years of society and soul destroying rot since it is now the responsibility of the state to care for its citizens, and not the citizens’ responsibility to care for themselves.

Democrats and progressive have deliberately thrown away the traditional concept of sovereign citizens able to care for themselves and their families making them wards of the state and the political machines setup to run them…

 Judeo-Christian, values have been assaulted at every turn, which has a consequence to a society such as ours that was built on these values. Therefore, in the vacuum created by this shift towards depravity has filled the void by this massive sea change.To the point of an all out assault, on our societies founding principles as the end game for our nation’s soul.

In its place, Obama asserts that to bring peace to this rising cacophony and violence left in wake of removing these values, mores and beliefs he must change it to include only his views, while progressives, the media and his administration are using the Sandy Hook tragedy to subdue the last remaining believers in our founding principles and values, so he must disarm the nation for our own welfare.

With the declaration that Obama intends to act against our natural rights and our 2nd Amendment rights at the same time through Executive Order(s) with his “pen and phone” strategy. Circumventing Congress knowing, he cannot get any desired legislation on this issue, so he will resort to false edicts, proclamations and illegal executive orders.

All these actions were developed sometime ago, and have been waiting for the right opportunity liberals, progressives, socialists and Nazi’s are certainly devious, cunning and patient and will use any and all excuses to push their freedom and society destroying agenda at every opportunity.

However, recommendations, executive orders are done to curtail our Constitutional right to bear arms is done at the speed of light, curious, and a natural extension of a president that would deny us our natural rights and gave us Fast & Furious with hundreds of dead Mexican nationals by shamelessly arming drug cartels.

Obama’s actions against our natural rights and his intention of disarming the citizens by proclamations and edicts speak louder than words.

The question remains are the citizens listening…if they are we must see to it that Obama is impeached and our government placed onto a path of sustained freedom and liberty as soon as possible.

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