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Federal Interstate Handgun Sales Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

August 3, 2015

In another excellent victory for civil rights by attorney Alan Gura, United States District Court Judge Reed O’Connor struck down the federal interstate handgun sales ban earlier today

Texas Woman Shoots, Kills Home-Invading Sex Offender

August 3, 2015

On Tuesday, a Texas woman home alone shot and killed a sex offender allegedly breaking into her house. She then dialed 911.

Boehner BEASTMODE: Why Don’t Senate Dems ‘Get Off Their Ass and Do Something?’

August 3, 2015

House Republicans held a press conference ahead of the Senate vote on the continuing to fund the Department of Homeland Security and block President Obama’s executive order on immigration.

Jon Stewart to Retire, Media Hardest Hit

August 3, 2015

Left-wing comedian Jon Stewart’s array of sycophants in liberal and supposedly mainstream outlets mourned the news of his impending retirement from The Daily Show Tuesday and Wednesday.

U.S. Not ‘Being Run Out of Town’ Despite Abandoning Third Embassy in Middle East

August 3, 2015

On Tuesday evening, the United States ordered the evacuation of all remaining staff at its embassy in Yemen. The evacuation comes on the heels of threats that the Yemeni rebels would kidnap foreigners.

Two Immigrants For Every New Job Since 2000

August 3, 2015

The United States has accepted two new immigrants for each additional job created since 2000, according to federal data.

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Web Trawler 5-1-14

GDP Plummets Worst Performance in Five Years

Rangel Racial Industry Grievance Huckster

Sebelius Refuses Senate Sub-Committee Request

EPA Chief Pollution is Racist Against Blacks

EPA Spiked Publication of Regs For Democrats

National Socialist Stifling Speech, Again

Web Trawler 5-2-14

Shake-Up In The Pentagon & DIA

Chuck Schumer Declares War On SCOTUS

Boehnor Is Appalled, To bad He Can’t Take Action

EPA Out Of Control, Arbitrarily Denies Permits

Phony Numbers on ObamaCare, Go-Figure

Democrat Has Racist Rant

Web Trawler 5-3-14

Hilary, Obama & Susan Rice all Lied

GOP to Obama Withholding Evidence, Criminal

Brigadier General Lovell We Should Have Tried

Veterans Hospital Executives Let Patients Die

Russian’s Happy, Americans Miserable

American Birds Conservancy Challenges FEDS

Web Trawler 5-5-14

Democrats, Nothing To See Move Along

Democrat Delivers Propaganda On Benghazi

North Korea Paragon of Truth & Virtue Indicts U.S.

Federal Judge Halts Purchase of Russian Engines

Monument to Islam at Ground-Zero in NY

War Dog Cila Reunited With Her Soldier

Web Trawler 5-6-14

Obama Receive’s Ambassador For Humanity Award

Disagree With Obama, You are Delusional

National Socialists Face Uphill Battle In November

North Korea ICBM  Warheads Can Strike USA

House Votes Lois Lerner’s Fate This Week

Internet Begins to Splinter Under Obama

Web Trawler 5-7-14

Iran, China Form Axis Against Israel

Pelosi Makes Demands That  Are Delusional

Utah Takes Aim At BLM And Obama

EPA Homeland Security Office Above Law

White House Report on Climate Is Junk Science

White House We’re Doomed, Global Warming

Web Trawler 5-8-14

Obama Destroying Morale Of Military

Proof Obama, Hilary Everyone Lied For Obama

Pelosi Gears Up & Democrats Ready to Pitch Fit

Drug Cartels & Gangs Drives Crime Stats

Obama Regulators Harassing Americas Businesses

Nightmare For Insurers,  From

Web Trawler 5-9-14

Obama Red Carpet For Muslim Brotherhood

Another Failure of Hilary as Secretary of State

Green Energy Boondoggle $150 Gal Jet-Fuel

Productivity Falls Along With GDP Last Qtr.

Obama Ignores Persecution of Christians

Obama Buys Unwanted Chinese Green Energy

Web Trawler 5-10-14

IRS Audited Top Donors to Conservative Org’s

IRS Turns Over Lerner E-Mails Documents

House Hearing EMP Attack 90% Will Die

Obama Stands With Islam 100% of the Time

Something Is Up In The Air Over Washington

House Armed Services Committee Saves A-10

Web Trawler 5-12-14

Three States Found So Far In Veterans Scandal

Republicans Campaigning On Tragedy?

Racist Remarks By Bloomberg Staff Writer

Secret Service Detail Assigned to Assistant

Stand Up To Left Get Slandered by SPLC

Utah Is Next Battleground with BLM

Web Trawler 5-13-14

Obama’s Show of Nuclear Forces Fails to Deliver

Obama Cuts Troops Pay, Buys New Marine One

Sec. Defense To Review LGBT in Military?

One Down 200 To-Go With Conyers Out

Intel Agencies Do Not Protect The Nation

FEDS Start Ruckus in New Mexico

Web Trawler 5-14-14

Surprise Islam Trumps American Values & Beliefs

Iran Proving to be Deceptive In Nuke Talks

Obama Releasing Criminals, Onto Street

Another Faux Program to Rile Liberal Base

Arlington Cemetery Marks 150th Anniversary

Gun Control Argument Crushed in Video

Web Trawler 5-15-14

Obama Ignores Costs To Nation & Society

Cooperative Islamic Defense Force is Forming

Obama Forces Further Cuts To Army Manpower

Obama’s Pentagon Approves Gender-Bending

ObamaCare Poor Have Insurance, No Doctor

VA Waiting Times Scandal in Illinois Too

Web Trawler 5-16-14

National Socialist Move Against Constitution

Washington Gave IRS Order to Harass  Conservatives

Agriculture Department Buys Sub-Machine Guns

Senator Blasts Obama Over Cuts To Military

Susan Rice, Blames Us For Daring to Dissent

Iraq Parliament Debates Legal Pedophilia

Web Trawler 5-17-14

National Socialists Amnesty Costing Lives, Ours

Iran Ballistic Missiles Not Part of Nuke Talks

Iran Threatens  Navy with Suicide Attacks

Feds Buy Ammo, Sub-Machine Guns, Explosives

National Socialist Senator Crush Tea Party

Hagel to Israel, Iran Will Not Get Nukes

Web Trawler 5-19-14

ObamaCare Hurts Low-Income Workers

Imagine That, Another Illinois Anti-Gun Bill

Michelle Obama, Racist America is Still Here

California Creates New Form of PTSD for Kids

Texas Border Being Ran by Immigrant Children

Utah Considers Firing Squad for Executions

Web Trawler 5-20-14

Iran Did Not Disappoint Patriots & Tyrants

Obama Knew About VA Problems in 2008 Did Nothing, Willful Dereliction of Duty

DOJ  & FEDS Move Against 2nd Amendment

Swiss Voters Turn Down $25 Minimum Wage

Putin Reduces Tension, Returns Troops to Bases

US Oil Production Near All Time High  

Web Trawler 5-21-14

Obama Unleashed Criminals Onto Our Streets

Rep. Luis Gutierrez Advocates for Anarchy

Watching News is how Obama Runs Government

Grand Jury Used By DOJ to Create Chaos

Dinesh D’Souza Stuns Everyone and Pleads Guilty

Michelle Obama Racial Grievance Grifter

Web Trawler 5-22-14

Obama Takes Least Possible Action On VA

Military to Evacuate Americans From Libya

Obama Promises Release, Secret Memo On Drones

Harry Reid Set to Change Senate Rules Again

National Socialists Are All in For Obama & Iran

China and Russia Move Closer to Form Axis

Web Trawler 5-23-14

Pentagon Leaks, Obama Dangerous To Our Nation

Obama Shift Military Spending to Foreign Sources

Obama,  Republicans are not Patriots

Obama Given 3 Audits by Inspector General in 2008

National Socialists Think Guns are a Disease

NY State Attorney General Demands Donors  List

Web Trawler 5-24-14

Iran to Obama Pay us Reparations, will He?

War Resolutions & Plan Languish Under Obama

Lavish Medical Care to Al Qeada at GITMO

2008, VA Will Be  Leader of Health Care Reform

Obama Worried About American Islamist’s?

Muslims Behaving Badly, Decapitating Everyone

Web Trawler 5-26-14

“It’s Been one of the Causes of My Presidency”

Obama Threatened YouTube Over Benghazi
Kerry Agrees to Testify to Congress On Benghazi

Drug Cartels Threaten American Law Enforcement

Iran and Russia Formalizing Defense Agreements

Gay Agenda Pushed by Democrat Appointments

Web Trawler 5-27-14

Iran Has The Bomb and Will Kill America

Eric Holder Do Your Duty, Investigate VA

Consumer Protection Bureau Ends Meritocracy

Amateur Hour at the White House, Outs CIA Chief

EPA Targets Your Kitchen Over CO2 Regs

Conservatives are Sweeping EU Elections

Web Trawler 5-28-14

Iran Tested Nuclear Detonators in 2007

Iran Demands The Surrender of Israel & USA

Two Newspapers Declare Obama Incompetent

Feds Take Your Medical Records, ObamaCare

National Socialists Targets Thought Crimes

Pelosi, “ObamaCare Beautiful,” & Other Nonsense

Web Trawler 5-29-14

VA Has Carry Over Funds for 5 Years in a Row

Obama’s Feckless Afghanistan Policy, MIA

Obama Usurping Congressional Power Again!

EPA,Obama to Ram Cap&Trade  Home by REGS

ObamaCare to Raise Premiums & Uninsured

Obama’s Economy Includes Black Market Fuel

Web Trawler 5-30-14

GDP Plummets, 1st Qtr. is Revised Down to -1%

Obama’s,  Delusional Speech at West Point

Obama’s Plan to use Military Force Against Us

IG 1700 Vets in Phoenix Left Off Waiting List

VA Unprepared to Answer Congress on Anything

SCOTUS Finds Prima Facie Case, 5th Amendment

Web Trawler 5-31-14

Worst Prison Break In History Sanctioned by DOJ

DOJ Colludes With Human Trafficker Cartel

Obama’s Plan Wait Out the Media Cycle on VA

Judicial Watch Takes Up Fast & Furious

Obama Blows Off Trumps 50 Million Dollar Offer

Internet Helps Reunite Wardog with his Soldier

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