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August 13, 2014

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White House Can’t Explain Iraq Objectives to Congress

August 13, 2014

Just two weeks after the Obama administration asked Congress to repeal the Iraq war authorization, the White House is failing to adequately explain to lawmakers the legal justification and concrete objectives for its airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS).

FLASHBACK: Obama Administration Says Islamic Caliphate is "Feckless Delusion" That is "Never Going to Happen"(Graphic Images)

August 13, 2014

The brutal terrorist organization known as ISIS or ISIL, made up of former al Qaeda fighters, has renamed itself the Islamic State.

Obama Lifts Ban on Libyans Attending U.S. Flight Schools, Training In Nuke Science

August 13, 2014

The Obama administration has lifted longtime restrictions on Libyans attending flight schools in the United States and training here in nuclear science, according to a final amendment of the ban recently approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Official: Iraq turmoil not an ‘intelligence failure’

August 13, 2014

The U.S. intelligence community Monday pushed back at reports that the White House was not warned about the growing strength of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ahead of the group’s recent offensive.

U.S. Wages Down 23% Since 2008

August 13, 2014

U.S. jobs pay an average 23% less today than they did before the 2008 recession, according to a new report released on Monday by the United States Conference of Mayors.

'Get ready for 100-year war with Islam': Former Australian Army chief underlines homegrown jihad threat

August 12, 2014

The former Chief of the Australian Army, professor Peter Leahy, has warned that Australia needs to prepare itself for a century-long war, both overseas and at home, against radical Islamic militants.

The former chief of Australia's military Peter Leahy is advocating that they prepare for a one hundred year war, this is troubling and possibly true however, the theme that was woven through his thoughts were troubling for the personal liberties of their citizens:

Mr Leahy voiced his support for the new policies, saying the restriction of civil liberties was an unfortunate necessity for national security.

He also suggested that Australia had to 'protect itself' by 'making it difficult for certain individuals to come to Australia.'

This seems to be the model in western nations to restrict the rights of their citizens for the security of the nation. We have taken this same tack with the Patriot Act and we are no safer with it, than, without it. What it has managed is grow government and with it a surveillance and police state where our privacy is non-existent and is subject to government intrusion at every turn.

It has also has the effect of insulating government from operating out in the open with such brutal tactics as the FISA court hears its cases in secret and its findings are not a matter of public record. Then we have the added nonsense that our government(s) do not want to come to grips with the actual problem and instead lie to the citizens about so-called radicalized Muslims:

'I think the most import thing is to identify that the threat is not the individual terror group but the radical ideology that they're following,' Mr Leahy said.

'We need to counter that. That's a job for moderate Islamist nations and leaders in Muslim communities to say "these radical ideas are wrong and we should be following the rules of the nation we live in".

This is only a charade and is what has been used to curtail and roll back freedom and Constitutional rights in this country but is the driving vehicle for most of democratic nations to follow.

The fallacy of course is that it is simply Islam and there are no moderate nations or moderate Islamist's, or radicalized Muslims, because it has been a bloody rampage from them for 1400 years straight and not just some modern manifestation.  There may be peaceful Muslims but overall their beliefs are simply incompatible with modern culture and they are simply a death cult from the middle ages.

We also have several cultural factors that most, everyone has overlooked their cultural practices that are the actual key to civilize Islam. We discussed these problems in our Islam, Enemy Bred to Kill, Since the Middle Ages article:

Islam has been a murderous death cult for the last 1400 years and has glorified death for their followers that engage in Jihad. The question that many have asked throughout history, is why are they so murderous? The answer may be staring us all in the face and is disturbing and enlightening all at the same time. Muslims, Arabs other Semitic people (excluding Jews) practice consanguineous marriages and marry within their own family. The practice of marrying first cousins allows for inbreeding and increased genetic disease, mental illness and aggression.

Combine this with the edicts to engage in Jihad and carnage against infidels, non-believers and you have a warrior class of human that is bred to kill and not question the reason, it is simply for the glory of Mohamed and Allah.

We believe that it is this cultural trait that is the root of the problem with Islam, the inbreeding causes low intelligence and numerous genetic diseases and mental illness to be much higher among these peoples. It is also across the board and it will not change until they, themselves choose to change or they are obliterated.

We simply have no other choice, Islam is not compatible with western concepts of self governance, it is us or them as they carve a bloody swath through humanity as they create their new Caliphate.

We can continue to engage Islam on their terms, and they will continue to win, not in the literal sense but in the ethereal sense as they have been engaged in Jihad for 1400 years and they have no intention of quitting until they have subjugated the entire world.

Given these facts and circumstances we must change our perspective and battle plan because this insanity of a one hundred year war against a belief that continues to produce warriors for Allah is insane. It will be just throwing lives into a gaping maw that just become willing sacrifices to Islam. What is lost is the very essence of who we are that we cannot live our lives in freedom and liberty only to have it be subjugated to a death cult.

In that respect they have already won.

What is needed is new paradigm that recognizes that Islam is not compatible with civilization in the same manner that Nazism and the Japanese Empire was not compatible with civilization. We must marshal the will to fight Islam on our terms to defeat them.

Then we can start the process of reintegrating them in our world by outlawing their marriage customs of consanguineous marriages which lie at the heart of this death cult and breeds the rage that seethes within their hearts. Within three generations we could see a tamer Islamic human if they were forced to abandon this abominable practice. This is what we are up against from our same article:

This practice is so prevalent that the following excerpt shows the scope of the problem:

Statistical research on Arabic countries indicates that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algeria are blood-related as are 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (the southern part of Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arabic Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen. According to Dr. Nadia Sakati of King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, 45 percent of married Arab couples are blood-related. The fact that many of these couples are themselves children of blood-related parents increases the risk of negative consequences.

Either we embrace our principles of freedom and liberty or we become a fascist police state with all the trapping of oppression as Obama is creating now, not for our safety as he would claim but uses the excuse to subjugate us since he is a Son of Islam himself. We must find the courage to declare war on Islam that is showing who, and what they believe in by the genocide they are reveling in Iraq against any that do not submit to Islam.

The Yazidi are paying a heavy toll and show what awaits us...

We happen to believe that Mr. Leahy is wrong, dead wrong, and all he is offering is a compromise to our freedom, which only lies in the absolute destruction of the archaic and barbaric polytheist belief system. Until we utterly destroy Islam we will find ourselves battling them forever. As it is it has already been a 1400 year long war, it's time to bring this to a swift and just end to this murderous cult. From Daily Mail.

Australian Army Chief 100 Year s to Defeat Islam

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