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Federal Interstate Handgun Sales Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

August 3, 2015

In another excellent victory for civil rights by attorney Alan Gura, United States District Court Judge Reed O’Connor struck down the federal interstate handgun sales ban earlier today

Texas Woman Shoots, Kills Home-Invading Sex Offender

August 3, 2015

On Tuesday, a Texas woman home alone shot and killed a sex offender allegedly breaking into her house. She then dialed 911.

Boehner BEASTMODE: Why Don’t Senate Dems ‘Get Off Their Ass and Do Something?’

August 3, 2015

House Republicans held a press conference ahead of the Senate vote on the continuing to fund the Department of Homeland Security and block President Obama’s executive order on immigration.

Jon Stewart to Retire, Media Hardest Hit

August 3, 2015

Left-wing comedian Jon Stewart’s array of sycophants in liberal and supposedly mainstream outlets mourned the news of his impending retirement from The Daily Show Tuesday and Wednesday.

U.S. Not ‘Being Run Out of Town’ Despite Abandoning Third Embassy in Middle East

August 3, 2015

On Tuesday evening, the United States ordered the evacuation of all remaining staff at its embassy in Yemen. The evacuation comes on the heels of threats that the Yemeni rebels would kidnap foreigners.

Two Immigrants For Every New Job Since 2000

August 3, 2015

The United States has accepted two new immigrants for each additional job created since 2000, according to federal data.

Syria, Libya and now Yemen are nations that are failed states thanks to Obama and his policy of appeasement and supplying arms from Benghazi and other war materiel so that the Islamic brigands in the Mideast can run amok. Until Obama threw his support into the laughable Arab Spring it was going nowhere, and what do we now have, the entire region is on fire and Iran is on the brink of launching ICBM nuclear armed missiles against its enemies. All the while Jen Psaki makes inane and stupid remarks to make the regime of our feckless tyrant appear plausible. This woman should be banned from speaking for this nation as all she ever does is attempt to make the absurd plausible and fails miserably. From a story on Free Beacon:

State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki was asked whether the United States was “being run out of town.” Psaki denied that, and said that other countries have moved their staffs out of the country as well. This is the third embassy the United States has had to abandon in the Middle East since the start of the Arab Spring.

“What the United States leadership is reflected in the fact that we want to return. We want to be engaged. We want to play a role, if we can play a role,” Psaki said.

This is how far our nation has sank under the Obama paradigm where it is community organizing twenty four seven three hundred sixty five days a year, where down is up, and up is down and nothing makes sense anymore, because the rule of law and law has been replaced by the arbitrary and capricious whim of rule by fiat. Pay attention this is what America in retreat looks like. From Free Beacon.

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Jen Psaki We Were Not Kicked Out of Mideast