Impeachment is a Political Process

With all the hand wringing in Congress over the misdeeds and outright mistreatment of citizens that do not share the same political paradigm of our president since he is using the full weight and measure of every federal agency to land on them to stifle, manipulate and outright oppress our citizens is reprehensible.

 What is worse is a feckless Congress that seems, and more importantly appears powerless to stop this abuse of power. One must then assume that the republicans approve of the maltreatment of these same citizens, while each side postures on these actions while doing absolutely nothing to end the abuse. We have heard from Senator Rand Paul and others about suing in federal court over the NSA and other scandals. We have to wonder why when the impeachment process would facilitate the matter of an out of control administration, pardon regime as a working title, of third world Banana Republic status which they have worked so hard to achieve.

Impeachment is a political process, which does not require one iota of proof, or any legal hurdle to overcome such as standing in federal court and evidentiary procedures. It is a straight Bill of Impeachment listing offenses against the official, judge, or president. It is a majority vote process, and stands approved or defeated in the House of Representatives by a simple up or down vote.

The failure to do this only emboldens Obama and his agenda, to new heights of lawlessness, and diminishes the rule of law for the nation overall.

Why all the stalled investigations and do-nothing rhetoric, if it is always going to be about the next election’s strategy and cycle, when will the nations problems ever be discussed and acted upon. When will an out of control rouge government ever be held accountable for anything? Are we purposely being left to the caprice of these denizens of merciless retribution for merely having the wrong political viewpoint than Obama and his sycophants, supporters and minions and abandoned by the GOP on top of that?

How is this governance, of well anything?

We suffer in silence while the GOP completes their next election cycle, will our legislators take action then, or will it all have to wait once again, because, another election is in another two years after this November. Meanwhile the cycle of abuse continues so that we can elect more of these do nothing legislators to continue doing more of the same, which is – nothing, except standing for election.

It seems to me we are continuing to do the same thing over and over, though are expecting different results, that to me sounds like the very definition of insanity, elections have consequences, and now we are seeing that our representatives will do absolutely nothing to stop all this governmental abuse. We are now in the age of Patriots and Tyrants once again with magistrates, officials, bureaucrats and politicians that think only of their own needs and election and career desires as they waive their lace hankies at us. In addition to all that, we are guilty of petty offenses against them when the great unwashed, the filthy peasants, the citizens dare speak up for themselves.

A great reckoning is at hand if Washington does not correct itself, it will be imposed upon them with cataclysmic consequences for us all.

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