Surprise, George Soros Integrated Into IRS Targeting


With all the revelations about the IRS targeting conservative groups that apply for 501 (C3) or (C4) status for having the words ‘liberty’ or ‘patriot’ in their organizations name, we could possibly live with that. However, information from breaking stories from WND that none other than George Soros the Nazi collaborator from WWII is the moneyman behind the Urban Institute. Which has been contracted by the IRS to collect information from every non-profit that brings-in under $50,000 yearly; this unholy practice of collaboration goes back to the Clinton administration which created the practice of using the IRS as a political tool against conservative organizations with a vengeance.

What is it with the left that they have to use such oppressive force to subdue their political rivals, if their ideas, programs and legislation are so superior, why does it not stand on its own two feet, why all the subterfuge, oppression and force? We all know the answer to that question, because it can’t, so force must be brought to bear to stifle any dissent against these horrendous policies, that just end up being abuse of power at the end of the day. All this from the kinder, gentler, caring liberals and progressives, its enough to make you retch, they smile, kiss and lie with one side of their mouth and condemn with the other.

We now find out that Obama has taken this practice to new heights of abuse of power by codifying the abuse the conservative 501 (C4) organizations have experienced these last four years into new regulations that expand and justify their actions. Of course, he found out about this the same we did, on the evening news, which is after IRS officials had 322 meetings with White House staff since late 2010 after Democrats had their first humiliating election defeat.

Whom do you believe?

Lois Lerner the IRS official that is at the center of this abuse of power scandal has now refused to testify to a congressional oversight committee for the second time. In a bizarre twist of fate or circumstance, after being questioned by the DOJ. Without any immunity being offered or given, in other words voluntarily. She then takes her 5th Amendment rights with Congress though voluntarily discusses with the agency that would prosecute for violation of federal law.

The fix is in, she will be rewarded for a job well done, and all Congress can do is offer a futile effort to censure the retired official that is making a mockery of our entire system of justice. Obama feels invincible, he has no shame and congress has no spine, and the people well; we just get mistreated and no meaningful governance from anyone.

What this means is that an imperial president who is acting like the tyrant King George III will continue to do so, since there is not any effective opposition from Congress and the GOP, who are always too busy with their re-election schemes and  plans to be bothered with reigning in Obama and his leftist progressive machine.

Just like1776, this will need the attention of patriots to correct our current dilemma and we are sadly coming up short in this regard. Until we the people act to take back, our government just expect George Soros and Obama to continue suppressing our rights by oppressive government and collusive acts by progressive organizations and their wealthy supporters.

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