A Nation Adrift in a Sea of Corruption

We are a nation adrift in a sea of madness of socialist design and intention and most of all awash in corruption. What with the NSA, IRS, FEC, Benghazi and AP reporter scandals are all being swept under a very lumpy rug that just can’t quite cover it all, much less the stench which cannot be hidden by any means whatsoever.  We must understand that it is of our own making; many will question this thesis as being untrue but the evidence is compelling and overwhelming when viewed in its totality.  

How is it that we stand on the brink of our literal destruction as an economic power when we have experienced the Great Depression before and not learned any real hard economic lessons?

The answer lies in politics not economics.

Why have we repeated the very same policies that exacerbated the debacle of 1929 but surpassed them with the virtual collapse of our national will as well? By adding crippling and economically destroying legislation that will forever change our capitalist economic system with the Dodd/Frank financial reform and who can forget the memorable ObamaCare legislation; these two pieces of legislation are our entire free market economy.

 Is this an accident; I don‘t think so.

 Obama and his party of supporters and surrogates were not happy with simple outcomes they are after bigger fish, and they will not rest until they have achieved their goals and objectives. 

In earlier times in our history, we celebrated the accomplishments of our leaders in every way from whatever their humble beginnings they may have had. We reveled in their rise in stature as a leader of men and women as an example of the indomitable American spirit as enshrined in our founding documents, deeds of personal and military victories on all that we ourselves could become as individuals and as a nation. Their lives were simply and open book, no more.

That was our past.

It is with a dark and menacing remake of the American dream where envy and mean spirited rhetoric rules the day that has so polarized this nation, that honest discourse is now impossible. Our president’s entire reelection campaign strategy was based on painting his opponent Mitt Romney as a vile and ruthless out of touch capitalist that wished the destruction of the middle class. The rhetoric and ad campaigns were the worst and dirtiest in the entire history of modern electoral politics, you would need to go back to the early 1800’s to find an election so filled with hate, rancor and vile condemnation as 2012. The attacks from Obama were so Fast & Furious (reference to Obama’s arms for drugs scheme from Mexican Cartels) that the corruption and record of his administration is epic and blatant without one cry of dissension from Congress, the Media or the population at large for that matter.

Have we fallen so far?

How has this come about that not one member of Congress will stand-up for our nations founding principals and bring a Bill of Impeachment forward for these heinous acts of Eric Holder and Department of Injustice and Obama himself. We get plenty of law but very little justice these days. We now know that Obama actively engaged in seeking campaign donations from foreign sources mostly through the efforts of Robert Roche a long time compatriot and campaign finance and donation bundler for Obama and his communist Chinese corporate enterprises. The DOJ, FBI and FEC, just swept it all under that same old lumpy rug.

The in your face brazenness of this assault is breathtaking and leaves the average citizen stunned in the swiftness of the changes which come at such a breakneck speed as to overwhelm the senses and numb the spirit in their sheer quantity and rapidity. Every day brings another revelation about the lawlessness of Obama and his regime and we are greeted with the incessant chant of ‘racism’ when we dare question these events or their tawdry outcomes.

An all too rapidly aging and declining population that actually works and pays for it all will not be able to keep-up with the citizens that slip into poverty and will only feed our decline due to the disastrous economic policies of Obama and the ruinous spending approved by Congress. Furthermore Obama Care’s main objective is to send as many citizens to the happy hunting grounds and hereafter as swiftly as possible for the Baby Boomer generation.

Lest, they bankrupt the nation with Medicare and Social Security payments later on, the  Death-Panels Sarah Palin talked about are a feature not an aberration… 

The sad part is we have lessons from recent history of the epic fail of these types of government policies with the meltdown and destruction of the U.S.S.R and the communist sphere of influence only twenty years in the past. Our most revered institutions are participating in our destruction. With the recent, decision by the Supreme Court in their convoluted reasoning on Obamacare, it is a tax not a penalty is what Chief justice Roberts proclaimed. In principle and in fact, they were legislating from the bench to revive a horrendously failed piece of legislation that the nation did not want, need or desire, the constitutionality of the law was secondary to the outcome, posterity will say otherwise.

The actions of SCOTUS have sullied the cornerstone of our Constitution for all time and left open a path to unbridled taxation of our citizens. For almost any capricious whim of a lace waving hanky Congress and incorrigible President that deem it good for the nation. This action alone has expelled from our foundational constitutional equation what it is that the citizens may desire for themselves, their children or for that matter posterity, our betters in Washington now have the power of life and death over each one of us.

Congress does not escape this corruption as they have allowed Obama to flaunt the abrogation and usurpation of their constitutionally granted powers to legislate and provide oversight to our executive branch. They have allowed a willful usurpation of their duties to both protect and defend the Constitution. First with the disgraceful actions of Obama and his Justice Department in the callous and wanton murder of Mexican citizens in Fast & Furious with the unlawful trafficking of weapons across an international border is inexcusable.

Secondly, to add insult to injury they have participated in the fruitless deficit spending not with deliberation through the budgeting process but with continuing spending resolutions that created deficits as far as the eye can see. They have wholly failed to halt the implementation of new legislation by executive fiat with the Dream Act being implemented by of all things an Executive Order, and all they do is cower in the corner against the shadow that Obama casts upon this nation.

Who are these cowards that hold such high office…?

Not only are we faced with this corruption of our governmental institutions but by the fourth estate as well, our so-called ‘Free Press’ as enshrined in the First Amendment as freedom of speech.  Their unspoken duty in the Constitution is to be the guardians of our rights by bringing the actions of individuals and our governments misdeeds to our attention through ethical reporting of current events in the nation and world. Instead, they hand us assault after assault on a daily basis of our freedom by being masters of propaganda for Obama by the policy of abridgement of our Constitutional rights. We witnessed the stunning arrest and incarceration of the producer of the “Innocence of Muslim” video, right here in America, widely accepted by these talking heads as willing purveyors of our own destruction. Instead of being our shield from an unjust government, they act as a junior varsity cheer leading squad that does not know any better, as they continue, advocating for all that Obama does and desires. 

You would think they would be the first to object to this act; instead, they stand up, applauding this abridgement of our First Amendment rights with very few reporters telling the truth, the all too few are drowned in the cacophony of the Democrat Media Complex.

The outcome of all this has been the acceptance by our nations people who appeared more concerned when Obama lost the first presidential debate in 2012, that he was not able to use a teleprompter.  The concept of a debate appears to be lost on these citizens as a contest of ideas presented with persuasive argument based on facts, logic, reason and critical thinking in real time, much less on the stump. It simply shows the mettle of the man under pressure, nothing more noting less.

Elvis has clearly left the building, why do we not know this.

Obama has almost succeeded in the complete destruction and corruption of our nation and given another three years will finish the job he has started as we ourselves have allowed this cancer to spread, by our collective inaction.

Will history record that we were the generation that lost liberty, and failed to stop this tyrant?

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