Homeland Security Represses Nation for Our Safety


We have a disturbing article from Breaking Defense that appears to be out of kilter with the reality of providing security to our nation, with some outlandish comments that just beg to be debunked:

 The fact that terrorists have succeeded in a series of recent terrorist attacks overseas that the intelligence community failed to detect, however, suggests that something other than luck is at play. Increasingly, senior U.S. intelligence officials believe that a blind spot has been identified in U.S. defenses by ascendant Al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups. If these experts are right, then the risk of another major attack on the U.S. homeland has increased significantly. “Imagine if the United States was under attack by a wave of warplanes that we had on our radar, and then those planes turned off their transponders and suddenly became invisible to us. That’s the analogy I would use to explain what is happening with terrorist plots,” General Keith Alexander, the former director of the National Security Agency, said in an interview.

This statement by General Alexander sounds like it is propaganda, while the analogy sounds plausible it is in fact, wrong, and terribly wrong at that. The bigger question is why was it discussed and in such a publication that should have been able to ferret out the misinformation.

The incorrect statement is a fallacy:

 “Imagine if the United States was under attack by a wave of warplanes that we had on our radar, and then those planes turned off their transponders and suddenly became invisible to us.

Transponders are able to identify the aircraft, when it is turned off it does not disappear from the radar display, what does disappear, is the identification of the aircraft and flight: otherwise what good is radar…? To fall off the radar display it must be a stealth type aircraft, in which case it won’t be broadcasting its location with any identification anyway.

So why would General Alexander cite such a poor example, or preface his statement with a qualifier, as a thought experiment and declared it as such?

Frankly, the rest of the article goes on to explain in detail the threats that we face, though our bigger question is one that have hit time and time again, we are not be given truthful information so that the public can make an informed consent decision on these matters and our security.

We see these matters being taken out of our hands and our government is acting for us, this is why we have an intrusive surveillance state with the NSA that is recording all our electronic and other communications.

Now this article is another in a series that are all to familiar that we are unable to be secure our nation from the Islamofascist threat and that we are going to continue the repressive measures to safeguard our nation and people. We reject this approach as we are being made to accept these intrusions into our lives and as this article points out we are no safer for it:

 “I was asked by a Kenyan official why U.S. intelligence didn’t warn them of these attacks, and the answer is because we didn’t see them coming,” said Alexander. “The fact that there were two major terrorist attacks by the same group that we didn’t see coming tells me and a lot of other people in the intelligence community that something is fundamentally not right. Revealing to adversaries how they can avoid our scrutiny by disclosing the details of our intelligence collection methods will have a serious impact. If I am right, the US and our allies will certainly pay a price for those revelations.”

We suspect that this is being used in another manner to repress us and create a security and police state where we will gladly relinquish our rights in the name of safety and security. Articles like this only increase, this likelihood.

We discussed this in our Government Propaganda Effort Reinforces Repression article:

 Call us jaded, cynical and dubious of this latest success in Syria destroying a group that just popped up on our supposed radar last week the Khorasan group an offshoot of aL Qaeda:

 The U.S. ability to pinpoint with airstrikes the operational hubs of the al Qaeda offshoot Khorasan Group in Syria and penetrate one of its bombing plots shows the importance of the much-maligned National Security Agency, defense analysts said Tuesday.

The Khorasan Group is an especially hard target because, unlike other al Qaeda spinoffs, it stays in the shadows and refrains from pronouncements on social media. Its goal is to design explosives that can defeat airport security and blow up an airliner, killing hundreds of people. Its prime target: the United States.

 “Intelligence reports indicated that the Khorasan Group was in the final stages of plans to execute major attacks against Western targets and potentially the U.S. homeland,” Army Lt. Gen. William Mayville, director of operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters Tuesday at the Pentagon.

 This is an incredible victory over Islam, we first hear about this group last week that they threaten, air travel in the United States by being technically proficient in building concealable bombs for bringing down aircraft. Then this week they have been targeted and destroyed with a capable assist from the NSA the repressive agency that has the entire nation under surveillance.

We then went on to point out that we are being misled so that we can be subjugated by our feckless tyrant and our security state apparatus:

This is just to convenient and sounds contrived, and frankly propaganda, a false flag operation to justify the action in Syria and the actions of the NSA, is meant to look that we cannot curtail their operations in the slightest. We have always taken the position that the NSA has the obligation to operate overseas and not domestically against the entire nation but, we are not being presented any options, only a high five for this supposed victory.

We were vindicated in this opinion when we found out that the Khorasan group was a fictitious entity created by the Obama regime to confuse the issue and justify the recent action in Iraq & Syria, we discussed this in our Khorasan Group Green Lights Repression & Tyranny article:

We also discussed that this is likely a straw man or false flag operation which Obama has made legendary as he strikes these down on a moments notice and is a ploy he continuously uses. Why not for a supposed phony war against his own creation ISIS and now maybe against this Khorasan group as well. This has some support by the Senior government official as well:

The official also wondered if there was a political element to Khorasan-whether this was a name the al-Qaeda group had given themselves or, rather, a name U.S. officials used to identify the group as an entity separate from al-Qaeda.

He is making the same argument and does not know whether this is a true organization or contrived entity by our own government.

We do however; agree that our government and Homeland Security are working against the will of the American people and it is, articles like this one from Breaking Defense which we must assume was written to help the American people. What we see is that our own government is incapable of providing us the security that a free and able people deserve, not the security of a police state that is repressive and destroys the liberties that they are supposedly working to save.

This is an oxymoron that is a circular argument…

This type of article is insidious because it does not discuss in a forthright manner, what are the alternatives, that a free and able people are willing to accept, we gain nothing if we lose our freedom and are nothing more than serfs that serve the needs of a police state. All that we have accomplished is make the Islamofascists that much more emboldened because we destroyed the very thing, we cherished to make ourselves secure and safe from this barbaric Islamic horde from the 7th century.

What we must do is declare war on Islam and with a determination as a free people and champion our way of life in the full realization that we will suffer and have to sustain possible defeat in this battle. Though we do so, not as frightened little children, but as men and women standing tall against this enemy of all humanity.

The first enemy, we need to destroy is the regime that is in power and taking our rights and liberty at every turn and giving neither safety nor security, but the uncertainty and repression of a police state. We must simply repudiate this mindset and declare war on our own government if need be if all they can give us is repression in the face of a determined foe. From Breaking Defense.

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