Obama’s Policy Causing Death to Citizens & Illegal’s

This story confirms the scope of the problem Gov. Rick Perry talked about yesterday in our Trawl III article on the crime Texas is experiencing. Sadly all Candy Crowley media hack and CNN anchor would do was dispute the quantity of crime committed by illegal aliens.

Here are the facts…

Monday in Falfurrias, Texas in Brooks County has been ground zero for the illegal immigration invasion where they see these invaders moving north across ranch and farm land. The law enforcement in this small community has been stretched to the breaking point with only a three man department. Illegal’s have been dying during this trek through the summers heat in this county with at least 44 bodies being discovered so far, many have not been recovered:

The death toll continues to climb in the Falfurrias death march region also known as the ranch lands and highways of Brooks County. The toll on illegal immigrants who have died attempting to cross these ranch fields and bypass the Border Patrol checkpoint located in the center of Brooks County now stands at 44 as a woman was found dead this week. A woman reported being raped by her fellow travelers earlier this week and another woman was seriously injured as she either bailed out of or was pushed from a vehicle she was riding in that was being pursued by a deputy sheriff.

This is the reality of the border crisis that Obama has unleashed on this nation and the only response, these media hacks can make is covering for Obama and his corrupt administration. They show no concern for the lives of the American people, or these immigrants. Rick Perry mentioned that 3,000 citizens were killed since 2008 and all Candy Crowley could do was this; from our Trawl III article:

Host Candy Crowley challenged Perry’s number saying, “Governor, I have to point out that a number of fact checkers has said that 3,000 homicide figure is wildly off.”

People are dying, being killed, robbed, murdered, sexual assaults and other property crimes and we have the crimes stats being disputed by the media.

They have been completely absent on this burgeoning humanitarian crisis, preferring to stick their head in the sand and repeat talking points for the National Socialist Party that want to make these illegal immigrants into another captured electorate of reliable voters for the future.

Just as they do not care about the crime in the inner city of their current electorate mainly blacks in America’s largest cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta and others who are under the siege of drug violence. All they do is turn a blind eye to these people as well, we discussed this aspect in our Baltimore Has Murder Rate as High as Guatemala article:

The exposure of the National Socialist propensity for creating and fostering dangerous social conditions for their politics, of creating electorates at the expense of common decency and wholesome environments for their constituents is well documented. It is found in every major city in America.

Which came first the crime, poor education, squalid living conditions and lack of economic opportunity. What came after President Johnson’s war on Poverty, were any of these conditions eliminated, did the inner city poor have less crime, better schools and jobs in which to raise themselves out of poverty.

The answer for all these questions is a resounding no…

What happened, is that not only have these conditions not been ameliorated, they have worsened with  the disintegration of the black and minority family unit into single parent families and the wildly successful eugenics program of the National Socialists, abortion is decimating these peoples replacement rate in our society.

This is what awaits them as if the crime they experience on their journey were not enough this what they can look forward to when they settle into our largest cities where the National Socialist Party political machines exist:

Violent crime has flourished to the point that in Baltimore, Chicago and other major cities the murder rate rivals such places as El Salvador and Guatemala with murder rates as high as 45.2 per 100,000. The driver for all this wanton murder is, drugs and cartels that push their misery onto a captured poor population that has little opportunity for success. Less so, since they are now a captured electorate to National Socialist policies and politicians.

Here are the statistics for Baltimore:

During O’Malley’s last five years as Baltimore’s mayor, the city’s homicide rate was higher than Guatemala’s and El Salvador’s. And O’Malley’s final year in office was the most murderous of his eight-year tenure. According to official data, Baltimore’s homicide rates remained high during O’Malley’s tenure:

2000: 40.30 (per 100,000)

2001: 38.70

2002: 37.70

2003: 41.92

2004: 43.50

2005: 42.00

2006: 43.30

2007: 45.20

This article by Breitbart shows just one night’s action in this Texas county and the desperation that many of these illegal’s are willing to go through. All for an empty promise from the National Socialist Party tyrants that only wish to use them for their future votes and will enslave them to a meager existence in Americas most squalid cities and the animosity and the anonymity of welfare.

This is nothing but human trafficking that is being sanctioned by Obama who has declared our immigration laws broken simply for political purposes since millions have chosen to violate our laws. What is really behind all this is, power; who has it, and who wants to keep it, and as all the carnage shows it is the National Socialist Party will lie,cheat, steal and allow all these deaths to continue to keep it.

As they replace our nation of laws and citizens that believes in the rule of law for the anarchy and chaos of lawlessness. Not one of the media hacks has asked how do we disentangle from this lawlessness, at what point does law become unworkable, or, when will it be followed once again.

We believe that law has already irretrievably been damaged by Obama and his regime of miscreants, the media and their allies as they take this nation to a fascist State where law is by fiat and is arbitrary and capricious. From Breitbart.

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