Cult of Personality, If Only the Führer Knew

Alan P. Halbert

March 19, 2014

After living through the last five years and seeing the parallels to the 1930’s and 40’s economically, politically and now militarily we can draw some direct conclusions about the mania that gripped Germany and her people during these tragic years. Growing up in the early 1960’s we were taught that the hysteria and cult of personality that the Germans embraced with Hitler could never happen here as we were an open society that embraced the individual and championed success by our own efforts and literally by the sweat of our brow.

We were taught that America is a land of equal opportunity, open to all, and all you needed to do was take it by the horns and persevere to be successful.

That was then, today we have a society that is a much darker place, with the constant droning of class warfare and polarization from the left and Obama in particular is so different from the uplifting lessons I was taught in grade school, then later in Junior High and High School. We learned about men like, Fulton, Samuel Morse, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and so many others, men and women that blazed new trails and reached new heights in technology, medicine and science, which a young nation could adopt, use and prosper by embracing.

It simply gave us the world’s highest standard of living, and an economy, second to none.

That all started to change in the late 1960’s when the Vietnam War started by JFK and expanded under Johnson, along came the constant protests and outright hostility towards young men who faithfully answered their governments call, drafted into service to fight overseas. Colleges became a hotbed of subversion and riots culminating in the shootings at Kent State by the National Guard, a dark day in our history to be sure. However, out of that came a cancer that slowly metastasized by constant infection of our young and impressionable minds on college and university campuses across the nation.

Indoctrination of the young was the favored method to spread this democracy destroying belief, from one mind to another to the point that these young men and women of the 60’s are the leaders of today. Whether in the cloister of university lounges or the halls of power in Washington, or the news studios of New York, Los Angeles and most other large cities in America.

The takeover was bloodless and complete.

We now have at last arrived at the place the Germans were in the 1930’s with a people conditioned to obey their masters or political betters, I use these terms because we do not have leaders anymore only one narcissist wonk after another, they are anything but leaders. Here we are 50 years later after throwing out the principles that built our nation, hard work, determination, sheer vision and fortitude for a kinder, gentler entitlement society that has banned words, thoughts and deeds as hateful and success as scornful. We now have a leader in the White House who is given a pass on every reasonable measure of accomplishment since Obama is of such a historical stature that the aforementioned words, deeds and actions do not apply to this president, at all.

I cannot help but think that the premature award of a Nobel Peace Prize foreshadowed this presidency as being hollow, ideologically driven and devoid of any meaningful accomplishment other than destroying all that came before and like Hitler has left him immune to criticism. What is stranger still is the steadfast belief of his supporters that refuse to accept any meaningful measure of success when faced with never ending failures and are willing to believe the thinnest of lies that deflect responsibility to others for the failure of his economic, domestic or foreign policies.

Clearly, this then becomes a cult of personality and like Hitler, when their nation was plunged into war and the Gestapo ran roughshod over the people as they tried to keep the Holocaust and Slave labor camps secret, and all the other depravities they whispered among themselves, “If only the Führer knew.” These people were not much different from our nation’s people, and the hard core Nazi of their day is not much different from the rabid leftist progressive of today, that finds fault with everyone except for Obama on his failed agenda. The only difference between then and now is that the world has not been plunged into a world war, quite yet, however there is still time to change course.

Please get involved with the Convention of States project or any other organization that is working towards amending the Constitution in your area, to place this nation back once again into the constitutional box where it belongs instead of the bloated monster it has become.

To end this abysmal cult of personality, before it is too late.

In Liberty

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