Forty Three  Senators  Work to Destroy Free Speech

Our nation has fallen so deep into the National Socialist malaise that forty three Senators have co-sponsored a Constitutional Amendment to limit free speech as guaranteed by the first amendment. It is being done under the guise of limiting campaign finance funding by wealthy donors. It is also has some chilling aspects as it not only limits contributions directly to candidates, but also to others that campaign against candidates.
These would be political action committees and other organizations that are interested in free and fair elections. This amendment is actually a means to destroy free speech which has in section 3 the following language:

SECTION 3. Nothing in this article shall be construed to grant Congress the power to abridge the freedom of the press.

SECTION 4. Congress and the States shall have power to implement and enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The tip off in this amendment is Sec. 4. which specifically grants them the power of legislate for the enforcement of this amendment, which is redundant since they have this power from Article I of the Constitution which grants Congress the power to legislate. Section three is the problem. Why would they need to exclude the “press?”

What the Supreme Court has ruled is that campaign donations are a “free speech” issue and not a “free press” issue. To clarify we will look at the first amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Curious that they skipped over the “freedom of speech” which is listed before “freedom of the press,” they are silent on this issue so we can assume that this is their intention of silencing opposition to National Socialist initiatives. By allowing only the “press” to speak out against them, that means they have effectively silenced all the people, who are not the “press.” They will do so by using Sec. 4 which allows them to specifically legislate on this particular issue.

These people are tyrants and will be thwarted by the States that will keep such an onerous amendment where it belongs, if it ever gets to them, in the sewer where the rest of  these miscreants and tyrants swim, and that would legislate our rights away as the sewer rats they are. The founder’s were wise to make the process difficult so that it required ratification by 3/4 of the States, currently 38, before becoming part of the Constitution. We do not believe the proposed amendment would ever pass.

Here is the wall of shame for all the co-sponsor’s of this liberty destroying amendment:

Sen. Baldwin, Tammy [D-WI] (202) 224-5653
Sen. Begich, Mark [D-AK] (202) 224-3004
Sen. Bennet, Michael F. [D-CO] (202) 224-5852
Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT] (202) 224-2823
Sen. Booker, Cory A. [D-NJ] (202) 224-3224
Sen. Boxer, Barbara [D-CA] (202) 224-3553
Sen. Brown, Sherrod [D-OH] (202) 224-2315
Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L. [D-MD] (202) 224-4524
Sen. Carper, Thomas R. [D-DE] (202) 224-2441
Sen. Coons, Christopher A. [D-DE] (202) 224-5042
Sen. Durbin, Richard [D-IL] (202) 224-2152
Sen. Feinstein, Dianne [D-CA] (202) 224-3841
Sen. Franken, Al [D-MN] (202) 224-5641
Sen. Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [D-NY] (202) 224-4451
Sen. Hagan, Kay [D-NC] (202) 224-6342
Sen. Harkin, Tom [D-IA] (202) 224-3254
Sen. Heinrich, Martin [D-NM] (202) 224-5521
Sen. Heitkamp, Heidi [D-ND] (202) 224-2043
Sen. Hirono, Mazie K. [D-HI] (202) 224-6361
Sen. Johnson, Tim [D-SD] (202) 224-5842
Sen. King, Angus S. Jr. [I-ME] (202) 224-5344
Sen. Klobuchar, Amy [D-MN] (202) 224-3244
Sen. Manchin, Joe, III [D-WV] (202) 224-3954
Sen. Markey, Edward J. [D-MA] (202) 224-2742
Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ] (202) 224-4744
Sen. Merkley, Jeff [D-OR] (202) 224-3753
Sen. Mikulski, Barbara A. [D-MD] (202) 224-4654
Sen. Murphy, Christopher S. [D-CT] (202) 224-4041
Sen. Murray, Patty [D-WA] (202) 224-2621
Sen. Reed, Jack [D-RI] (202) 224-4642
Sen. Reid, Harry [D-NV] (202) 224-3542
Sen. Rockefeller, John D., IV [D-WV] (202) 224-6472
Sen. Sanders, Bernard [I-VT] (202) 224-5141
Sen. Schatz, Brian [D-HI] (202) 224-3934
Sen. Schumer, Charles E. [D-NY] (202) 224-6542
Sen. Shaheen, Jeanne [D-NH] (202) 224-2841
Sen. Stabenow, Debbie [D-MI] (202) 224-4822
Sen. Tester, Jon [D-MT] (202) 224-2644
Sen. Udall, Mark [D-CO] (202) 224-5941
Sen. Walsh, John E. [D-MT] (202) 224-2651
Sen. Warren, Elizabeth [D-MA] (202) 224-4543
Sen. Whitehouse, Sheldon [D-RI] (202) 224-2921
Sen. Wyden, Ron [D-OR] (202) 224-5244

You may wish to call them and give them a piece of your mind before these fascist tyrants reduce you to absolute misery by the acts of despots and tyrannical government edicts. This is what 43 Senators think of your rights, which are your birthright to be disposed of at their leisure so that may carry on the destruction of this nation at their leisure.

The ultimate power is, will the people accept it, if so it becomes law of the land, if not revolution…

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