Blueprint to Restore the Republic-Repeal the 17th Amendment

Next in our greatest hit series of Constitutional blunders is the 17th Amendment, given to us by Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was a Harvard law graduate and the nation’s first progressive president of the modern era. Obama being our latest incarnation of this famous liberal institution that never ceases to amaze me on the deliberate void of logic and common sense from such a learned institution. The first article in this series discussed the 16th Amendment with the creation of the Income Tax and its ability to establish then grow the behemoth of our federal government and bureaucracy that now threatens our very Republic. With bankruptcy through recalcitrant and uncontrolled spending and advocates its repeal.Our system is broken; many enemies of our constitutionally defined system have taken notice and advantage of this fact. One of the issues that have clouded our Republic since 1913 is the ratification of the17th Amendment, which usurped the power of the State Legislatures by removing the ability of these bodies to appoint, recall and direct Senators in their duties.

Since the Senate is considered a body that is a deliberative body, and is able to take a longer view of a situation than the House, has been turned into an Uber House of representatives with six-year terms.  Our States Legislatures are the same bodies that approve a Constitutional amendment; Senators traditionally were given the responsibility for the States and Peoples interest at a more detached level than the emotionally charged House of Representatives.

This allowed cooler heads to prevail and leadership in difficult times or issues than is the case with the Peoples House.

Now that Senators are subject to “Popular” election, they are less likely to act with boldness and deliberation, as they were able to prior to the 17th amendment as they are now more concerned with the next election than serving their State or People. Tom Coburn just made this point just before announcing his retirement.

A perfect example of this failure is the wretched Senator and Obama toady Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He has been the major destructive force in the Senate for the last five years stopping one budget after another and all Republican reforms passed by the House of Representatives from reaching the Floor of the Senate. He alone has assisted Obama in the reckless spending by advocating and passing one continual spending resolution after another, which has given us trillion dollar deficits for every year of Obama’s presidency, close to 7 trillion to date.

This has supposedly become necessary, though is just another manufactured faux crisis, since the Senate has allowed Obama to shirk his legislative and Constitutional responsibility to forward to Congress his budget by the first week in February for each year he has been in office.

Much less, create a budget and pass one.

The Senate was created to make laws that require the president and government comply with the rule of law by their charge found in the Constitution as it stems from the original sovereignty granted to the Federal government from the States themselves, through Article 1:

The Congress shall have Power […] To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof. “

This is a complete abrogation and willful dereliction of governance…

Prior to the 17th Amendment Senators Reid probably would have been recalled from office for their abysmal performance and his lack of compliance with their Constitutional duties and refusal to take care of the “Peoples” and “States” business.

However, this is not possible since the electorate at large now elects Senators and not the State Legislatures…pity; Harry Reid needs a scorn-filled journey to ignominy.

After all a complete State Legislature (House & Senate) passing judgment on the qualifications, character and continual performance of a Senator is a completely different matter than the people at large. Voters today pass a superficial judgment on the latest narcissistic wonk that wants all the unbridled personal power that goes along with a seat in the Senate. By making, one silly promise after another which the electorate continually falls for, then promptly forgets, each election cycle, it is the same for the office of president.

After all Obama elected to the U.S Senate, can anyone really make a cogent argument that the Illinois legislature would have appointed him as a Senator? He was able to fool the voters, but an entire legislature where he continually “Voted Present” on controversial issues seems unlikely. These same legislators knew what Obama’s record was when the issue needed leadership, stamina, fortitude and courage…he was nowhere to be found and punted on every difficult question, by what else…Voting Present.

The same as he has done as president; that is when he is not actively destroying our Republic, to punish the people and nation as current examples. Therefore, it seems unlikely that he would have been “appointed” and had him thrust onto the national stage and ultimately become our president.

I therefore posit that that we are living the consequences of Obama, and it is due to the 17th Amendment alone, since the likelihood of his being appointed as, Senator in the first place is extremely remote. Since the Illinois legislature would have sent a competent person to represent them, and it would have been anyone but Obama. Nor would we be forced to suffer his continual waging of identity politics and calls for unbridled borrowing, spending, class warfare and tax increases as he drones on about his impossible to achieve concept of “Fair Share”, and his unconstitutional actions in his thirst for absolute power.

Obama himself is the best argument for the repeal of this abomination, which in practice is unworkable, and must be repealed.

If you want Peace you must prepare for War…Obama’s government is preparing for war against our own people.

Can we ignore the warnings…or will we just fail to act, the tyrant is at the door.

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