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Tyrants Reign In World Today

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September 25, 2014

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NSA intercepts key to locating, bombing new al Qaeda group in Syria

September 25, 2014

U.S. officials have complained that Mr. Snowden’s disclosures on what NSA does and how it does it have proved to be a windfall to Islamic terrorist groups who plot to attack Americans abroad and in the homeland.

Russia Launches Black Sea Naval Buildup

September 25, 2014

NOVOROSSIYSK Russia (Reuters) – Russia will increase its Black Sea fleet with more than 80 new warships by 2020 and will complete a second naval base for the fleet near the city of Novorossiysk by 2016, its commander said on Tuesday.

Ferguson erupts with new wave of violence, burning, looting

September 25, 2014

The small community of Ferguson, Missouri, broke out in violence and looting again, with those in the streets this time smashing up the windows of a beauty supply store — the third time the shop has been hit by looters in the last few weeks.

Students stage walk-out to protest focus on citizenship, patriotism, respect for authority

September 25, 2014

ARVADA, Colo. — Hundreds of students walked out of classrooms around suburban Denver on Tuesday in protest over a conservative-led school board proposal to focus history education on topics that promote citizenship, patriotism and respect for authority, in a show of civil disobedience that the new standards would aim to downplay.

Flashback: When Biden Slammed Romney for Wanting War in Syria

September 25, 2014

Just over two years ago, on September 2, 2012, Vice President Joe Biden said that Mitt Romney was “ready to go to war in Syria and Iran.” Biden then said that Romney’s foreign policy stances made him “out of touch.” He even chastised Romney’s critiques of troop withdraws from Iraq,

Biden Promises Obama Will Strike GOP with 'Lightning' via Executive Amnesty

September 24, 2014

On Monday, Vice President Joe Biden promised that President Barack Obama would "do an awful lot" for illegal immigrants with executive actions toward amnesty.

Government Propaganda Effort Reinforces Repression

Call us jaded, cynical and dubious of this latest success in Syria destroying a group that just popped up on our supposed radar last week the Khorasan group an offshoot of aL Qaeda:

The U.S. ability to pinpoint with airstrikes the operational hubs of the al Qaeda offshoot Khorasan Group in Syria and penetrate one of its bombing plots shows the importance of the much-maligned National Security Agency, defense analysts said Tuesday.

The Khorasan Group is an especially hard target because, unlike other al Qaeda spinoffs, it stays in the shadows and refrains from pronouncements on social media. Its goal is to design explosives that can defeat airport security and blow up an airliner, killing hundreds of people. Its prime target: the United States.

“Intelligence reports indicated that the Khorasan Group was in the final stages of plans to execute major attacks against Western targets and potentially the U.S. homeland,” Army Lt. Gen. William Mayville, director of operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters Tuesday at the Pentagon.

This is an incredible victory over Islam, we first hear about this group last week that they threaten, air travel in the United States by being technically proficient in building concealable bombs for bringing down aircraft. Then this week they have been targeted and destroyed with a capable assist from the NSA the repressive agency that has the entire nation under surveillance.

This is just to convenient and sounds contrived, and frankly propaganda, a false flag operation to justify the action in Syria and the actions of the NSA, is meant to look that we cannot curtail their operations in the slightest. We have always taken the position that the NSA has the obligation to operate overseas and not domestically against the entire nation but, we are not being presented any options, only a high five for this supposed victory.

We discussed the implausibility of the creation of this group last week in our US Intelligence Raises Threat Level from al Qaeda article:

We have to ask some qualifying  questions as this seems to contradict the actual reality of what these groups are trying to accomplish and we have to question this assessment by our own intelligence agencies and groups. We believe that these assessments are not for the stopping of these groups but to continue the constant state of fear and repression that our own government has created over these acts by Islamofascists against our own citizens and we just accept them without question. The question of technical prowess comes to mind as well since a smart bomb to Islamofascists is a terrorist with a suicide vest, many times a mentally or defective individual from birth looking to bring honor to themselves or their family.

Let that sink in for a moment...

The fundamental question that need to be asked is why would these groups want to work so diligently to defeat a security system that has been designed to thwart them at every turn? Or to put it another way why do they want to run the gauntlet of a security perimeter that is designed to catch them, and what is so special or sacred about blowing airliners out of the sky?

The goal of these acts are terror and the thought of terror that keeps a population on a constant state of tension, knowing they could be a target at any time. The cost in time, money and materials and resources supposedly to blow airliners out of the sky is a problem with diminishing returns.

When a security hole exists at every airport that is easily exploitable.

Now they appear to be negated, within nine days the threat was first divulged, and defeated seems extraordinary. We are dubious that this actually the case, it seems it is too fantastic an outcome and we reject the information as simply propaganda.

The other issue that is deeply disturbing is the revealing the actions of the NSA in this issue, it seems, counter productive to reveal your operational capabilities to our enemies. aL Qaeda has known about our signal intelligence capability for a long time, and this new affiliate from out of the blue comes along, and breaks all the rules and is now supposedly obliterated.

This seems to improbable to be believed...

Clearly this is nothing more than a puff piece to move the American people to accept the constant state of repression from our government and what better way to do it that create and enemy and destroy them, then hawk our success.

We discussed this aspect of acceptance of repression in our Obama Allowing the Barbarians Within Our Walls article:

While we cannot discard this observation with our feckless tyrant Obama at the helm of the regime in power that he has and would continue the repression started for possibly loftier reasons after 9/11.

Is this simply a function of Islam and their murderous rampage across the Mideast and the world?

The only corollary, we have to this worldwide rise in repression is during the Crusades which started in 1096 A.D. where Europe rose to liberate the Holy Lands from Islam, which is the Mideast.

Is this repression a function of Islam itself or the reaction to Islam as we now have one almost thousand years that separate these two events in history?

What better way to continue the ruse than a mission that destroys a straw man enemy...! We went onto describe the repression in the Arab world and what has happened to us as well:

We have confirmation that at least one aspect of this political and religious divide is being driven by Islam's dreams of what they consider their golden age, though this does not explain our wholesale abandonment of our Constitutional and Judeo Christian principles for that of a security state.

The Arab world has seen repression at heightened levels we have not seen, though ours is a veneer of false security when we are monitored by electronic and other means that we may not be aware of.

In the Arab world it was more evident and described by an Arab poet:

The repression and intimidation of the societies they ruled over were painfully summarized by the gifted Syrian poet Muhammad al-Maghout: “I enter the bathroom with my identity papers in my hand.”

We will continue to monitor this situation though, we believe we are being manipulated to accept another supposed, war on terror that is of limited and dubious means when two real foes are being ignored Iran and Russia. What is undeniable is that we are being led down the primrose path to accept the security state and the repression that is accompanying our modern existence while our Constitutional rights continue to be eroded.

While our government plasters their operational capabilities all over the media and gives valuable intelligence to our supposed enemies, that is just a bridge too far for us to swallow. From Washington Times.

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