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April 16, 2014

Manipulating Obamacare Stats: The Census Bureau's Suspect Timing

April 16, 2014

"Ridiculous" not because it's out of bounds to overhaul methodology on principle, but because after three decades, they're implementing this shift at the exact moment we need a consistent baseline off of which to measure the impact of Obamacare.

Russia Tests Multi-Warhead ICBM

April 16, 2014

Russia’s military carried out a flight test of a new multi-warhead intercontinental ballistic missile on Monday amid growing tensions with the United States over the crisis in Ukraine.

Report: Immigration is making the US blue

April 16, 2014

Large-scale immigration is coloring the United States of American a deep shape of Democratic blue, according to a new report about the impact of immigration on elections.

The U.S. Cut Military Spending in 2013, While These Two Global Powers Did the Opposite

April 16, 2014

In March Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told CBS that he’s not responsible for the massive military cuts, and the President’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2015 will reduce the Army to its smallest size since 1940.

Good News: IRS Set to Water Down Newly Proposed Free Speech Regulation

April 16, 2014

He said the new rule would take into account backlash from conservative Tea Party groups as well as some liberal advocacy organizations that the agency's proposal – intended to address concerns that the tax-exempt groups were engaged in partisan warfare – would bar, even voter education and registration programs.

Survey shows ObamaCare sending premiums rising at fastest clip in decades

April 16, 2014

"For the last, about, five years they've been doing this survey, so this was the largest percentage increase in any quarter since they've been doing (it)," said Scott Gottlieb of the American Enterprise Institute.

What can we say about the latest Obama Care manipulation that will make it difficult to measure the actual changes to the amount of uninsured in our nation. The Census bureau is changing the method used to determine the health coverage rates in America. Just in time for the November elections and helping who else Democrats, to crow about a law no one wanted when it was passed even today most Americans do not want this intrusion into our personal lives.

Why is our entire government being used against us, name one agency of the federal government and it is being bent, twisted and manipulated to push a faulty agenda as they lie cheat and steal to accomplish this as well. All of us should realize that this is due to one man and one man only - Obama!

He was elected president, however this does not give him the authority to use the full weight and measure of the entire federal government against the people, the last time this was done in a modern state goes back to the 1930’s in Germany when the NSDAP came to power. At first the people saw that what had been a failure of democratic government was now being transformed into a system that put them back to work and the horrendous inflation of the Weimar Republic was only a memory. Then came the changes the Enabling Act which suspended the rule of law and the making of  law by only one man.

Is any of this sounding familiar, then came the persecution of the Jews, where the State was confiscating property merely by an accident of birth, being a Jew was a crime. Fast forward to today and we are being segregated and polarized only this time it is over our political beliefs whether we vote Democrat or not. The vilification and discrimination are all present as well as the executive authority that controls many facets of our lives. From low flow showerheads and toilets to our health care which we have graciously been given by Obama and his party. Of course it is at inflated rates and premiums, and substandard care which is the hallmark of governments everywhere, sub-par and substandard, it is the control that is the important characteristic to these tyrants.   

Will we weather this the same as the Germans, time will tell, however what is deeply troubling is the use of government against us, everyone as if we do not have any free will and voice to carry the debate, heck we do not even get a chance to debate it is being decided for us. If we allow this to continue without setting this government right we will have traded our birthright for the yoke of tyranny and left our children a failed legacy of freedom. Obama must be stopped, none of what he is doing is for the welfare of our citizens, this makes him a criminal and must be removed from office, the sooner the better. From Townhall.


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Every Facet Of Government Used Against Us

Democrats, famously allergic to nuance when the political moment demands a cudgel, will shout from the rooftops about the "stunning" improvement in uninsured rates. Obamacare is working! They'll elide the crucial caveats mentioned above, plugging the exciting news into television ads, talking points and stump speeches. Sure, they'll receive multiple Pinocchios and "mostly false" ratings from fact-checkers, but when has that ever stopped them? The media's push-back will mostly be pro forma. When Republicans move to debunk the figures, Democrats will deride them as bitter and anti-science. They're from the non-partisan Census Bureau, after all. Josh Barro calls the move "insane," asking why this sea change couldn't have waited until, say, any other year. That's a serious question.

 If the need for this adjustment was so glaring, why wasn't it undertaken years ago? And considering the sensitive timing, why couldn't it have been pushed back for a few years? Whether they'll admit it or not (they won't), this amounts to a massive bureaucratic gift to Democrats, akin to "home cooking" officiating in sports. A White House official tweeted at me to downplay the significance of these developments, pooh-poohing the notion that census chicanery is a major "political flashpoint:"